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  1. Okay, I don't mean to snap, but I'm just kind of sick and tired of people saying how scared they are of Accutane's side effects. They are not that bad! I promise you that the only side effects you will feel are dry lips, skin, eyes, etc. I highly recommend you at least try Accutane before you judge it. Actually, the makers of accutane have been sued because of people that have gotten Ulcerative Colitis because of it. I never took Accutane but I have had UC since I was 8, and trust me y
  2. I started taking fish oil and my bacne is looking a lot better. I also use an acne body wash when I take a shower. There are laser treatments for acne as well. They can be costly though. As far as fishoil goes, I take the triple strength formula I got at GNC. I take it twice a day, so about 6 pills if you get regular pills. Basically I am taking about 1.8g of EPA and DHA (combined) a day. (those are the fatty acids in fishoil)
  3. On a seperate note, I started taking fishoil. I read it was good for the skin, and it was good for burning fat while working out. Since I have started lifting wieghts and I want to put on muscle and not fat I figured I would give it a try. I have only been on it a few weeks but it seems to be doing good, especially on my backne.
  4. It has been a while since I have been on the boards. I want to say that I decided to invest in smoothbeam treatments again. I had some a while back but only on my cheeks. I currently no longer get acne on my cheeks so I am hoping to get the effect on the rest of my face as well. I have just gotten my second treatment on the 28th and plan to get 2 more. I use to get cysts all the time. Right now I am on some antibiotics that keep that from happening (though I didn't get them on my cheeks si
  5. Dude, dont take prednisone if you can help it. That stuff causes really bad acne. Trust me, I was on it for UC.
  6. You probably have infected sebaceous. It looks a lot like acne and they can get puss in them. It is not an uncommon occurrence in guys.
  7. I have had something similar before. I am not sure if it was acne or an ingrown hair that got infected, but it hurt like hell. Had it a couple of times in my life. They are not fun, but they go away.
  8. If I only knew about this product years ago. I have been struggling with acne for about 7 years now. I have tried just about everything and then I stumbled across this site over the summer. I have been using the regimen for a few months (though not as much as I should for a few weeks because I had a big move and was running out) and I must say I am amazed. I am use to having bad cyst acne. Not a bunch of cysts (not that one isnt bad enough) but I usually had at least one all the time if
  9. I do it twice a day as well. In the morning I only do my trouble areas so I don't get too red (at least if I know I am going out of the house). Those areas are use to bp and don't really get red. At night I do everything. I have been using it less than a month and it is working really well. I still have a few pimples but they are small and not swollen like I am use to. I also still have red marks, but those will take longer to go away.
  10. The person is claiming proof when there is none. If he says it works for him then ok, but saying that there is scientific proof is just lying.
  11. I just started taking Acidophilus two days ago. It helps keep candida away which is an acne aggrivator. I don't really think i have candida though, but i don't think it can hurt. I will let you know if i see results. how long have u been on it? Just about 2 weeks. I did some reading on it and it seems to help some. I don't get as much swelling as I use to get on my bad zits. Still kind of early to tell. I also have UC and this stuff is supposed to be good for it so figured I would
  12. Cheaper? I mean this stuff is pretty cheap. $35 for 3 8oz bottles is pretty good. Probably the cheapest acne regimen I have ever bought.
  13. I tried it. Nothing great. Acne free worked just as well if not better and it was cheaper. Trying the regimen now.
  14. The point is, even if there is a correlation there is not scientific evidence. There is not really a control for this. People have acne for different reasons and wont respond the same.
  15. Lets take a look at this. You mention if we abstain from sex we get to have skin like super models... well dont they have sex all the time? I mean why don't they have horrible acne, same goes for movie stars and porn stars for that matter. There were times I had lots of sex and times I had none. I have done detox before and times where I have gone a while w/o red meat. None of that really helped my acne.