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  1. I can't find it anywhere! I looked at Target but they only had the "normal skin" version
  2. I have brown hair and the BP has given me orange-ish blonde streaks in the front. everyone keeps complimenting it and asking how I did it....
  3. I haven't dranken milk in years because I hate the taste and it makes me nauseous. I just drink soy milk instead, it's much better tasting and better for you. I have consumed dairy though and I've never noticed it breaking me out, so..
  4. I've been using Dan's AHA for two months and it's been worthless to me :/
  5. I only get cysts if I use make up with mica in it, but generally I get papules too.. but ALOT of them on my cheeks. so only applying it at night just wasn't enough to prevent them all
  6. I've managed to become 100% free of active acne on the Regimen (well, except right now I have two cysts because I attempted to use a mica-based make up again...) but I'm left with so many redmarks. Because of this, I'm still not comfortable going without makeup... but I really hate wearing full face makeup. I heard that vitamin E can help the red marks fade, so I bought some vitamin E capsules in the purest form I could find. It contains glycering and water but that's basically the only other in
  7. I have a comment about putting BP on only at night... For people with mild acne, this might work. However, for people like me with moderate acne, that's not enough. Instead of not applying it in the morning, I apply less in the morning... about a pump and 1/6 whereas in the evening I apply 1 1/2 pumps. (I don't get much acne on my forehead, chin, or nose so it doesn't take much to keep those areas clear) It's worked well for me doing it that way in addition to moisterizing alot and applying a bi
  8. I wear make-up between applications. It has to be non-comedonic though, otherwise it will just give you more acne
  9. I actually don't have a doctor/pharmacist right now because I'm without health insurance, and my manager won't give me enough hours at Starbucks to qualify for insurance. But I guess if it's such a common treatment it would be more well-known if it was causing people to not outgrow acne.. thank you so much! and actually my red marks are pretty bad, just not as noticeable under makeup. but it's MUCH easier to hide red marks than big bumps on my face! good luck to you and I hope you have a
  10. Yeah, I'm 16 and I haven't had acne for very long.. but already I am sick of it and sick of how much money I have to spend on it, so the thought of never growing out of it terrifies me. But just like you, I haven't actually seen any proof of this. I don't know that this is the best site to get proof either, the only people here still have acne or are just recently cleared. I mean what kind 25+ year old or something who used BP when they were younger and have long since outgrown acne is going to
  11. well, I don't really believe it's possible to become immune to BP because it creates an environment that is impossible for the acne bacteria to survive in. But, it also creates free radicals which cause aging and I'm still unsure whether or not it can cause cancer. The idea that it might prevent me from outgrowing acne is what scares me the most though
  12. Probably until next summer when school is out I don't want to discontinue any treatment, I just want to replace the Regimen with a treatment that won't potentially prolong the disease and prevent me from outgrowing it
  13. yep, exactly! so just don't use alot. I was using it before BP, in AHA, and in moisterizer when it broke me out