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  1. So i've been taking fish oil for just over a month now. Currently I'm taking 4.8g of EPA/DHA per day. I'm not too happy with the results so far. I haven't noticed a decrease in oil production. Sometimes I think the oil I produce is a bit thinner but I may just be imagining things. I still breakout at the same rate that I did prior to starting with fish oil. I'm going to keep taking them for another month and maybe i'll see some results then. I know it takes patience but i was hoping to
  2. I took B5 about 3 years ago. I was taking 5gs per day and it worked almost immediately to stop my oil production. This stuff worked about as well as accutane and it gave me matte skin and perfect pores. After about 8 months it stopped working as well and I started to get oily again. Then it stopped working altogether. I tried upping the dose to 10g's but that did nothing. My skin was oily and I was breaking out again. I've tried starting B5 again a couple of times. Even after a lengthy
  3. So its been 2 weeks since I started Fish Oil. I've been taking 3.6g's per day and I recently upped it to 4.2g. I do notice some results so far. My hair and body seem to be less oily. The oil on my face does seem a bit thinner but its hard to tell. As far as breakouts go I'd say they have slowed down a bit. I usually average maybe 2-3 pimples per week. This early its hard to tell if its the fish oil or if I'm just having a good week. My main reason for taking fish oil is to make my sk
  4. So i've jumped onboard the fishwagon once again. Health Balance Super Concentrate omega-3. 400 EPA/200 DHA per pill. I found these at Costco. 240 pills for $26 Cdn. Thats a tip for any Canadians reading this. Right now I'm taking 6 capsules a day, 2 per meal. That's 3.6g o3's. I'll try this for 2 weeks along with a lowered o6 diet and then i'll probably raise the dose. The last time I took fish oils they gave me SUPER gas. So far (2 days) no sign of that. I'll add an update here
  5. 13 wonderful years. Its mild now but I'm pretty sure I will never outgrow acne.
  6. For those in Canada who are taking omega 3... Where's a good place to find a cheap brand of omega 3? I'm interested in doing a high dose but every place i've looked its around $20 for only 60 capsules. So other than shopping online, anybody have any suggestions?
  7. Getting blood drawn is less painful than getting vaccinations I found. It just feels like someone is pinching you. The needle is also very tiny. Just don't look while they're taking it and u'll be fine By the time you're finished accutane you;ll be so used to them.
  8. Toronto Acne Clinic seems ok. One positive is that you can get appointments really quickly in emergency situations. I think they offer stuff like laser scar treatment, and also some type of beam that slows the sebaceaous glands. The doctors there also prescribe the standard acne meds. The downside is that you have to pay for each appointment. Also, the last time I went there the Dr. literally talked to me for about 30 seconds and then sent me on my way.
  9. Listen2cky, My best advice would be to just do it. Don't stop seeing your friends and don't stop with your life. Sure, its so much easier and safer to just hide away. Trust me, I've been there. Problem is one week hiding away could turn to months and years if you let it. The problem just snowballs and pretty soon you feel backed in a corner spinning lies to cover up past lies. Just be open and honest with your friends. Trying to cover up anxiety can just create more stress in your life.
  10. I took B5 a few years ago and had great success with it. It completely stopped my oil production and there was no IB or any side effects to speak of. It stopped working after about 8 months. From what I read at the time most people who got results from B5 had similar claims. My body just adjusted to it and then the oil came back. Then the acne followed. I've been on accutane twice and the oil just keeps coming back. I've tried to start B5 again but the results are never the same. weird.
  11. I've been following this thread since the beginning and have been taking FIsh Oil (Nordic Naturals brand) for about 20 days. I started with 2 pills (1000mg) a day and then upped it to 4 pills about a week ago. Well, this is gross but today I noticed a few oily drops in the toilet after taking a dump. Actually, the toilet water had an oily sheen and the oil drops were the exact same color as the pills. The pills have also made me gassier since i started taking them. Gross, sorry. anybody
  12. Well you have certainly opened some eyes here. I will never eat meat again. Go on fighting the good fight. Teenaged vegans are so cute! Your grammar is awful.
  13. If i had to personally kill 10 monkeys to cure myself of acne I would do it in a heartbeat. I'm sure i'm not the only one here who would.
  14. Day 71 A lot of the older journals I used to read are nowhere to be seen so I thought i'd update. My skin is looking much better these days. When I started taking a higher dose I had a few lingering breakouts but they only lasted for a few days. Right now I don't have any pimples but there are some redmarks that are taking their sweet time going away. I don't remember taking this long to heal on my last round of Accutane. Maybe because I was so happy to be pimple-free that I didnt care a