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  1. I drank the entire 5 months I was on accutane and never had a problem. I probably drank socially ( 3 ish beers) a couple times a week then got drunk once a week. The whole time I ate like crap and drank and my triglycerides, LDL, HDL, all that good stuff, never changed by even a single number. Every month the derm would say none of my numbers had budged at all, and they were all super low when they started. It just depends on the person I guess. I've always been the type that can eat absolut
  2. none whatsoever. plus ive been drinking a lot too and haven't had any negative side effects at all. i haven't even had dry skin since the second month.
  3. I don't see a problem taking the creatine. im on my fourth month and I've been taking creatine for two of them. I really don't see it being a big deal at all. I take whey as well, not all the time though. I mainly just drink milk by the gallon.
  4. you just have to judge it for yourself. I have been drinking about 3 nights a week for the entire 4 months ive been on accutane and i have had no problems at all, at least that are noticeable. i can't tell you if my liver is in worse shape than it was before without having some kind of test done of course, but i don't think i'm in any danger.
  5. yea, i never had it bad till just this last year so I sprang for accutane. I did 40 mg a day for the first month and every month after I've been taking 50.
  6. For me, accutane saved my freakin life. I'm currently on my fourth month and have had maybe 5 or 6 small pimples over the last 2 months. I am completely clear at the moment. Since the second month I will be clear for a week or two, then get a couple small pimples, then clear for another week or two, then get a couple more. Before tane I had huge cysts that hurt like hell. I was scared to go on it too but I have had no side effects at all. My lips are a little chapped, but as long as I use
  7. Yea man, you'll be fine. Ive been on accutane for four months now and I have been drinking the entire time. At first, my tolerance was WAYY down. I drank the first week I started it and I got drunk off of 4 beers, when it usually takes 9 or 10. Even after several months I still cant drink as much as normal but whatever, it's cheaper for me haha.
  8. For most people, including myself, accutane is WAY worth the risk of the side effects. After many years of cystic acne I could care less if I had IBD as long as my skin was clear.
  9. What Wynne said CAN be true, but if you want it gone and you can't get cortisone, this is the thing to do. Besides, you don't want to squeeze it after popping, you want to gently "stretch the skin. Certainly not to say that Wynne's method does not work, but I have tried it on several occasions but the cysts still lasted over a month, and right when I tried the tea bag thing, gone in less than a week. But yes, there is a possibility of the infection spreading underneath the skin, however I be
  10. Only a couple times have I had it actually get worse. Like I said, when it first pops and the stuff comes out, it usually goes down then a few minutes later gets bigger and hard because of the trauma from popping, but it is only temporary and will go away overnight if you do it at night which I normally do. The couple times that it has gotten worse I wouldn't really say worse though. What usually has happened if it didn't get better is that it will make the swelling to go down, but it will sp
  11. .....and he said he started the peels on his third month, when he was already clear, and stayed clear from then on.
  12. So a good friend of mine took accutane back in high school and he said while he was taking it he was doing lactic acid peels to help with his red marks and scarring and that it worked great. I was like, "wait, you did it while you were on accutane? aren't you not supposed to stuff like that on tane?" (which I know you aren't) and he was like "oh, I didn't know that but it sure worked great, it almost completely got rid of all my red marks". I guess what I'm asking is is he just a freak of nat
  13. Also, disinfect the area and the needle before pricking it. Usually people will tell you not to do this because of scarring and such but from my experience, big cysts scar no matter what. They either leave an actual scar, or a red mark (hyperpigmentation) so I see no reason not to. Also, don't poke straight down, do it from the side, if that makes any sense, and remember to do it very gently.
  14. Definitely a cyst. Unfotunately for me, but fortunate for you, I have a ton of experience with these guys. First, I suggest you get a small heating pad from the drug store or Walmart or some place (if you don't already have one, they're only about ten dollars). Then, put a mug of water in the microwave along with the heating pad and let it go for about 1:40. (depending on the heating pad the time may vary, follow the instructions that came with it). Then, put a tea bag in the water as if yo
  15. I'm 51 kg and I did 40 for my first month and am now on 50 mg for my second month. I am a guy, but I don't think it really makes a difference in this case. I don't plan on going past 50 though.