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  1. Your problem is not your acne (although it helps to have clear skin which leads to more confidence), but your outlook on women. They are no different than you and me. Treat them the same way you would treat anyone else. Just don't go in with the mind set of trying to pick them up; be yourself. That should eliminate that fear of rejection since your not looking for anything. With time you will see that you have a lot of female friends, and maybe some that are interested in you without you knowing
  2. Its a great game. I also watched the movie in HD and his scarring is pretty bad I would say. It looks worse in HD than it does on DVD/VHS. I also noticed that one of the actress who was being interviewed by Dr. Venkman (Bill Murray) that she had a pretty big scar around her lips that I didn't notice on DVD/VHS. You start paying attention to the smallest detail after you've seen the movie a couple of times, lol.
  3. I'm a big fan of the Ghostbusters movies, and anyone who seen it would have noticed Bill Murray's scars in the film, heck even any other movie he starred in. Anyways, I was able to get my hands on a copy of Ghostbusters The Video Game for the Xbox 360, and in the cinematic cutscenes you can see Bill Murray's scars clearly and very detailed!
  4. Not many people find Family Guy or American Dad funny, but I like them. I was watching Chimdale episode (didn't finish the episode at the time of writing of this), and so far the plot involves being different in society. Stan's son had back problems, so he had to get this weird back support device which resulted in everyone making fun of him in school. Coming home early he discovers that his dad [stan] is bald. (He always wore a wig to hide it.) He questions his dad about being bald, and he tell
  5. You are so stupid. Now your going to left with a scar bigger than you could cover up. And you'll then cry why you did this when your acne is clear. Seek professional help imminently, before you lose it again.
  6. Couldn't notice your display pic, just wondering whats your diet plan?

  7. I know how you feel having all your friends around you have a gf and your the lonely one, but trust me its not something you want to think about. Your only 15, your still considered young and have lot to learn. Just don't be shy, compliment the girls, be spontaneous, and be nice but also challenge the girls your after and one of them should fall in love with you in no time. Good luck.
  8. If you do a really strong one (down time 1 whole week) you will see amazing results.
  9. Remove BP from your regimen as it oxidizes the retin-a I believe. You should pick one or the other (retin-a or BP), but not use both even for spot treatment.
  10. http://www.brainsync.com/product.asp?specific=195 I've actually tried it, and I have to say it does work. When you do self hypnosis your whole body is frozen in away.
  11. My theory is that the red marks are more redder are actually a result from your skin shedding, and this can actually speed up your recovery for red marks/pinkish scars.
  12. Accutane does nothing for red marks, or help in anyway. Their is nothing you can do about your marks, but give them time. You can speed up the process by performing several chemical peels. Good luck.
  13. To avoid scarring on Accutane make sure to moisturize the infected area a lot.
  14. 3 guys with overalls and hockey sticks is not considered an army At least our army treats our people like people. But our army is not so big either. -_-
  15. If you're really interested then I suggest you check with the school and ask them about it. They will give you a lot more information then any website about what courses you need to take in order to pursue this type of career. Hope someone with experience with this can point you in the right direction, and good luck!