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  1. Well I actually meant using sugar as a scrub when i wash my face i read it on his website that give alot of homemade remedies and decided to try some of them
  2. I been trying everything to heal my acne for the past two years and now I'm 16 with acne first i started going to the dermatologist and gave a variety of medicine like Retin A and antibiotics but nothing works so i quit going to the dermatologist and now I'm currently using cocoa butter for about 6 months now to help clear my acne scar on my left cheek and I'm trying different homemade remedies like baking soda, sugar, and I'm drinking green tea, Aloe Vera. Baking soda seem to work the first tim
  3. That happened to me before. either ask ur dermatologist to weaken ur medication or change it or either put on retin-A every other day but until it get better put on aquaphor that should heal ur skin back to normal then wash ur face with acne soap and put on retin-a every other day not every day if u feel like ur skin is goin to get worser then stop using this medication.
  4. Ive been washing my face with this soap called benzoyl peroxide 10% and i makes my face peel is that a sign that my acne is going to start to get better is it a good thing or is that a bad thing that my face is peeling?