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  1. Thank you Mandy! Im on the moisturizer bandwagon. My lips are dying though - got super cracked on the side and wont go away. Ive been using a heavy lip balm from Nuxe but looks like I need something stronger. Any recs? the left side of my face has been improving but an annoying nodule came up on the other side smack in the middle of my cheek! aaaghhhhhhhh Here's to keeping the calm and accutaneing I see my doctor this saturday - lets see what he says. His original advice was to keep
  2. Hi all! After five years of wonderfully clear skin after my 2nd tane course (was maintained on spiro + Diane 35 post tane), I came off diane-35 in August and by Feb my skin was terrible. Started again on Tane - its the one thing I find that really works for me and frankly I didnt want to go back on bcp as Id like to get pregnant in the near future (post tane) and Im hoping that this third time can put me in remission (fingers triple crossed!!) Ive been started on low dose - 20mgs - becau
  3. Thank you v much Mel. Makes sense. I should def moisturize Im sure Will start from today
  4. Hi all! Quick q for all you experienced Taners - do you moisturize or not? Im dry but not too dry and somehow feel that my skin is better when I dont moisturize but am worried that Im not helping my progress by being too dry. Any words of wisdom? Thank you!!
  5. Thank you very much CWR24! I appreciate it. I sure hope so. I realize that its not terrible - im lucky that its on sides of my face so at least I look decent straight up and when I put my hair down, u cant really see the acne. But I think its tough to have thought I was in the clear and be back again on Tane - this is my third course I realize my acne is hormonal but cant seem to find anything else that works. BCP unfortunately only works as long as Im on it and I do want to have kids in th
  6. Hi friends! I was hoping I wouldnt be returning to the site, although it has always been my support in the darker days. But here I am. After 5 years of bliss after my last tane course (http://dev.acne.org/messageboard/topic/204432-finally-blogging/page-9) I went off Diane 35 and 6 months later my skin was in ruins I started on Tane in Feb on low dose of 20mgs and just went up to 40mgs beg of June. My skin has unfortunately all been getting worse with the months but Im hoping I start seei
  7. Hi readytosmileagain, hope you're doing well! Are you on BCP? If so, which BCP are you on? Im on Diane-35 and Spiro still - hoping to stop in Jan or so and TTC. Will keep you posted. I really hope I dont break out on stopping Diane. Fingers crossed!
  8. Hi, Sorry for my belated reply to this. I am thankfully still clear - again occasional pimple around period but nothing that is obvious or that bothers me. Im very thankful. Lets see what happens when I try going off the pill but that prob wont be for another year or so
  9. I think many actually don't come back -- Its been around 2 years for me now, there are many success stories out there! I think its important for people here to also hear success stories and be optimistic...its not always a lifetime battle and there is hope out there..much hope! Just wanted to share my own little story and wish you all the very best! I will post and stay in touch
  10. Hi everyone I havent updated my blog in ages, primarily a proof to myself that when people get better, they don't really post, so don't get discouraged if you don't read a ton of success stories on blogs/boards! My Skin has been very good since I finished the tane. I only occasionally get small pimples around my period, that go away. My red marks have also been improving significantly. I still wear a bit of foundation when I'm out but Im sure its mostly due to my own insecurities, rather than
  11. Hey guys and gals Its been 1 MONTH SINCE TANE! (I posted pics when I finished) I'm doing well! I've had a few little spots come up, but they go away within a day or two and arent really inflamed so Im a happy woman My marks are fading albeit too slowly for my liking but Im being thankful and patient! I would appreciate any red mark ideas for sure Im seeing my derm soon and she'll prob just put me on retinA. Ill let u guys know Hope everyones really well!
  12. The fourth dress is my favorite - wear that with your bf and guy friends I really like tha plaid one too - I would wear it the night before with your gfs Happy birthday in advance!! Have a great time
  13. Hi Meg - thats great! congrats! is this a before/after picture? Could u post another one for the other timing as well? Thanks!