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  1. Hi, thanks for coming back to update your progress! Your skin looks amazing! You must be really pleased. I'm almost a week into my treatment, and it gives me hope
  2. Hey, just wanted to drop by and say good luck - I've just started on 30mg a day also, so please keep posting your progress as it's nice to hear how other people at the same stage are getting along. I'm 26 and also going privately - the NHS is really rubbish unless your leg's falling off. Dreading an IB! Good luck
  3. Hi, I'm 27 soon, and am going through the worst I've ever looked and felt. I'm actually currently doing the hiding in a little hole thing, in that I've cancelled my plans for today as I can't even bear to look at myself in the mirror, and can't imagine anyone else having to look at me. So I sympathise. It would be nice to not care, but it's just impossible. It so much worse when you are older and still dealing with this problem.
  4. Hi I've not taken accutane (although I'm trying desperately to get it) but when I was on the DKR I had extremely dry skin, and found the following products useful (all available from Boots) - Avene's gentle cleanser (like Cetaphil cleanser) Cetaphil cleanser (available from some Boots pharmacy sections) Avene's skin recovery cream, Eucerin's replenishing cream. Cetaphil moisturiser (from ebay, not available in the UK) They are all really gentle and quite moisturising. The creams may feel a
  5. It's been just over 5 weeks now. There's nothing new to report - no improvement, dryness, irritation etc. I'm still doing the regimen precisely, but have made an appointment to see a dermatologist next week, as I want someone to actually look at my skin, and being in the UK I've only ever seen a doctor as you have to pay for anything else. I'm really frustrated at the moment with it, so I'm hoping they can help. I'm not ruling this regimen out, but at the moment I feel like I need something more
  6. Hi, Thanks so much for the reply! I'm going to talk it through with my family and also have a doctors appointment next week so I'm going to try and give it one more shot there, and tell them my plans, as I've never talked to them about seriously going to a derm before so they may see I'm serious. I've definitely tried everything going and it's getting worse by the day, so I'd be interested to see if they still turn me away. It seems like we're in a worse position if it's not severe in a way be
  7. Hi I'm considering going to see a derm (made an appointment actually) to see if they will prescribe roaccutane for my mild but very persistent acne. I've had it for at least 10 years and it does not respond to any treatment (antibiotics / topicals / birth control pills e.g. dianette etc). I'm worried by the cost of treatment - £200 ish for each consultation (I presume monthly), plus tests (I presume monthly), plus prescription. That's HUGE! My acne is not bad enough to get treatment on the
  8. I've been using the products for 4 weeks now. I must admit I'm a bit disheartened because I was hoping to see some small change by now, but have not. I know it takes 3 months to clear, but as it can't just happen overnight I hoped gradually I would see some small improvements, just to let me know that I'm on the right track after a month. It's quite hard to believe it will work. I think I am putting a lot of pressure on it being a success because it is my last option - I've tried everything from
  9. Well it's been over 2.5 weeks... I haven't posted much because I don't want to be describing each and every spot in detail because it's too early to see results and so that would be a bit pointless. If anything, it has looked a bit worse recently. I'm trying to be patient as I know it takes longer, but there's no change at all! Bit frustrating, but predictable I guess... so I'm plodding on
  10. Hi, I've been taking zinc picolinate for 2 wks from Holland and Barrett. Zinc monomethionine was recommended to me because it is apparently better absorbed by the body than other forms of zinc, however I couldn't find this. But picolinate form is supposed to be well absorbed too. It's too soon to tell whether it's having an effect at the moment. Hope this helps
  11. Thanks Willow Had a feeling it was not enough, but normally use too much of everything, so will apply more tonight...
  12. Yay! My products have arrived today (I'm not going to get depressed by the customs charge that also arrived as I'm telling myself this will work this time and be worth it!) Obviously I can't really comment on the products properly (if only they worked that quickly!) but I'm very pleased that the BP doesn't have that nasty peroxide smell that a lot do. Speaking of which, does anyone know what 'a thin layer' is? I put a pea sized amount for my face, but it feels like it's not enough after Dan's
  13. Thanks Willow and masaya mahal for your comments, it's really nice to hear some encouraging things from people in a similar position. I emailed the clinic yesterday as my products haven't arrived yet (the serum test arrived in a week, and it's been two since they posted the products) but they may be held up in customs or just taking their time... which is a bit of a downer, but I guess my quest for clear skin is going to be a long journey, so a week or two is not going to make that much differ
  14. After trying and failing for 6 months on DKR, I've decided to give long distance treatment at Face Reality Skincare a try, so here we are - a new year, a new log! I've completed the online questionnaire, sent pics, and received my serum testing kit. I reported back my findings. I have been told I have mainly non-inflamed acne, and am waiting for the following products to arrive: Acne Scrub Salicylic Toner Mandelic 8% SPF for acne prone skin Acne Med 5% Cranberry Cream I'm going to spare you t
  15. After a little over 6 months on DKR...... I am, unfortunately, quitting I'm going through a bad breakout at the moment, and I've not seen particularly good results up to now either. My skin is dry, breaking out, and I'm fed up! I've persisted and persisted and not missed any applications, and have lost any hope of this working. So, I am starting treatment with Face Reality Skincare soon, which I hope I'll have success with. Will continue to use BP until my new products arrive (god knows wha