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  1. just wanted to offer up my support too. My cysts never come to a head but I totally understand that painful urge to try to squeeze them to relieve the pressure. It never works, yet I do it every time. I say all this as I sit with 2 nasties on my chin, both which I picked to death, and now both which look like big gaping nasty open sores, and to add insult to injury, they still hurt. so as I type, I wonder if anyone has ever tried behavior modification tools when they want to pick? Like p
  2. and lets not forget, the original topic and poll were specifically about FOUNDATION. not just a little concealer here and there. The OP was talking about covering with foundation.
  3. believe me sweetie, just like wearing makeup , you're not really hiding anything.
  4. you again...of course it's not. don't you think that these jerks that put together money marketing scams on people like us deserve to be called out. i don't take name calling as serious you. I call them as i see them though and ALWAYS will. bottom line is calling him that is fairly going easy on someone like that compared to what they really are. do your homework. do you know how many scams there are out there and how much time and effort these people put in to get your hard earned money.
  5. Ok, wait, so if someone asks for opinions only those that match yours are allowed? and you're calling ME closed minded? Get real. I suggest you think about this a bit. I just feel that you're not hiding anything with makeup and if you think you are, you're kidding yourself. It seems equally as moronic to me to think that you don't GET IT. And remember just because no one has ever said anything to you to your face about wearing makeup doesn't mean people don't notice and aren't comme
  6. regardless of the OP's intention don't you think calling someone a homo is a bit too much and uncalled for? Really.
  7. there's nothing magical about Dan's bp - it's a nice formulation but in the end it's still BP. so I'd look at the other products. Maybe try using Dan's cleanser and moisturizer products or the products that are more recommended and then give it another go. It's hard to say it's not working if you're using other products - it could be the other products or it could be something else.
  8. well because aha is basically is initially exfoliating your skin it does tend to do this - you're shedding off the top layers off but eventually it begins to work on the cell level turning over new cells which is what gives you nice skin. So yes, it will clear your pores eventually.
  9. yes, I meant that too. the "official products" or the products that are recommended can still all be called "being on the regimen". Its when I see people saying that they're using 20 different items and they still say "I'm on the regimen and I'm having no luck" I think that's unfair to Dan's products.
  10. EASY!! give the guy a break...he's not talking about puttin on lip stick and eye shadow. anyway i don't see a problem with it bro...i use it on spots...see above^. of course it hides your acne and imperfections otherwise why would girls buy it and spend hundreds of dollars on it every year. wow. That's a bit uncalled for. Might I suggest you grow up a little??? He asked for opinions in a poll. I gave him one. And I restate...it doesn't hide anything. It doesn't hide anything on
  11. here's the thing - it doesn't really hide your acne. Just like with women - we THINK it's hiding it, but to the rest of the world we look like women with acne that's now covered with makeup. Your acne is still there and everyone knows it and everyone still sees it. But now you've done the added damage of covering up your face with products that only make acne worse. I wish to God that makeup on women wasn't something that we were expected to do, but the older I get the more I realize how ba
  12. I keep reading posts from people who say the regimen doesn't work -but then I listen to what they're using and it's 20 different products, maybe one of Dan's. So how can they say they're using the regimen? Am I missing something? Do we just call wash/bp/moisturize in any combination "the regimen"? And is that fair to Dan and his products? For me, I'm using nothing but Dan's stuff and the recommended AHA and I'm having pretty good luck - after acne nearly all my adult life - I"m seeing a h
  13. I don't know if this makes sense or not but usually after a few hours I feel like I'd like to get off the residue left by the bp. If I wash my face at 7am and follow with BP and then come 11or 12 I feel like giving it a "rinse" with just water will I be washing off product that is still working or has the BP done it's job and anything left on my face is just residue that I can safely rinse off?
  14. I mentioned in another thread about my oily skin. I've been waiting for the BP to dry it out but so far nothing. It's just bad oily. and more oily. I dread even putting on makeup because I know it's just going to melt off - luckily I'm at home with the kids so mostly I don't have to wear makeup. Blotting only works for a few minutes. I'd like to wash mid day too but I'm not sure how that would work. I don't want to upset the balance here either.