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  1. I realized just recently that what I've been complaining about all this time wasn't scars, was red marks... went to the pharmacist to ask about what product I should use to get rid of red marks and she said either bio oil or garnier pure anti-mark SOS thing.. well I bought garnier because I assumed that because bio oil was oily and involved touching the face a lot that it'd make me breakout...was wondering if it had this negative effect on anyone at all...because it sounds really good.. and affo
  2. I used to use Benzac AC face wash 5%, morning and night along with Cetaphil oily skin cleanser and QV moisturiser lotion..however, I was a bit frustrated by all the scars and went a bit overboard with some Retin-A recently ... Of course it made my skin really raw, red and dry for a few days... I'm getting better though because I've stopped using Benzac wash and Retin-A...I just use QV re-hydrate face wash (I'm pretty sure this is non-comedogenic, I cannot be bothered checking again Lol..at leas
  3. Hello I'm half Filipino, half European... I use the BP wash not the gel stuff Dan used and I think it works really good. I think it's cleared up my skin heaps ...I've used gels before and they just make me peel..Benzac wash is the only thing that hasn't made my skin all cracked, dry and peeling. I don't think Dan's regimen would be suitable for sensitive skin because of the redness and peeling that would occur especially because you have to use quite a lot of the product to get an effect.
  4. I'm not sure if dairy foods like cheese or milk have a connection with acne.. I know though that if I don't wash around my mouth with a gentle cleanser like cetaphil or something after eating foods like those then there's a higher chance I'll get a pimple the next day there. I really don't think you should have to continue avoiding calcium.. I drink soy milk everyday, high in calcium, low in fat and no dairy
  5. I can sort of relate to this... I didn't become really worried about the way my skin looked until someone pointed it out for me how bad they thought it was (This person wasn't innocent in their intent either, they were really quite cruel). Like you, I also notice other people's skin more too now... I don't want to think I'm obsessed with my skin but I guess I've spent enough money and time on it that it has become a bigger problem than it perhaps should be. I did have a phase last year where my
  6. Hey Phate You're not ugly at all..you look like you have really clear skin, no pimples at all..even if you did have pimples and the photo doesn't show them I still wouldn't say you're ugly, you have nice features, smile and be happy Lol
  7. LOL You know I honestly thought that before but now it just seems prettier to me , and thankyou Acne_Battle i'll keep an eye out for SLS... Judging by the responses and from what I know about my skin, I wont get a fringe
  8. I seriously thought I was the only person who had this, never knew what it was so I never did anything about it but it didn't really worry me much... I've used exfoliation products before and it didn't make a difference to that area... but yeah never pop them or anything because those little tiny things become big pimples.
  9. I think it may just be food related... Proactiv face the facts told me that I had nothing to worry about chocolate that it was just a myth... Its been a while but now I think maybe there's a connection with junk food and pimples... I'm a vegetarian, eat generally really healthy...but I decided to binge just a bit on chocolate yesterday and a few more tiny pimples I didn't see yesterday have emerged today
  10. I used to do that, remove the whole whiteheads thing.. and it gave me scars on my forehead like the ones you've mentioned. Now I just refuse to remove anything at all because I think it just does more damage than anything else... I think if you just leave it there and don't touch it then it tends to heal a lot better.
  11. Ego QV Skin lotion - Repair Dry Skin It works a treat, especially after using Benzac. perfume free, colour free, dermatological formula, propylene and glycol free.... it cost me a lot (like $20) though because they only had the big bottle in stock but at least it will last me for years now I think haha.. and it seems to only be available in chemists.
  12. I keep reading here about SA what is it ?
  13. I guess after trying it all the best policy is to learn to ignore it, I don't think its bad at all, in fact barely noticeable ..I only have those blackhead things on my nose like that too and funnily enough its never really bothered me ....From my experience of trying to remove a single blackhead a whole new bigger pimple just replaces it soooo I rather forget it exists Lol