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  1. yeah dude, this "pixel erbium laser" is called FRAXEL or any of the alternatives (Pixel 2940, etc.)
  2. http://www.acne.org/messageboard/index.php...c=14705&hl=
  3. Skimpy, thanks for the info on vitamin C and protein for collagen rebuilding. Do you think adding topical vitamin C - Cellex-C or something - would help? What else would you recommend for collagen rebuilding? And if anyone else knows, I'm using Retin-A and might be doing fraxel soon. What do the docs say about that? From previous posts some say it doesn't matter and others want you to stop for a few weeks before.
  4. Hey doofus, if you had half a brain your question would have been answered by doing a simple search on the SEARCH ENGINE.
  5. Not sure if this link has been posted here, but here are some pretty amazing before/afters (scroll down to bottom): http://www.doctorskin.com.au/FraxelLaserTreatment.html The only thing I don't like is the redness that everyone has in the afters... does anyone know, from personal experience or otherwise, if it fades over time?
  6. I reallly doubt laser could fix those depth of scars. I'm thinking she had subcision or fillers (which did most of the correction) along with laser. And no, I don't she is a babe before or after
  7. no not all treatments marketed as "fractional laser" are fraxel. some are like the palomar laser that dont go as deep as fraxel. and yeah, i think ur scar is hypertrophic (raised) and am not sure if fraxel would work on that anyways. i remember reading that pulsed dye lasers work well on hypertrophic scars. good luck.
  8. looks on the huge fraxel thread photos... click on the paperclip next to the thread titled 'fraxel laser' for some pretty good before/after photos.
  9. raging bull, can u tell me what derm you are seeing for fraxel. i read earlier that he wanted to give you only 2-3 treatments which is what i am looking for... nevermind i got your IM, thanks.
  10. zup

    my scars

    I agree- it looks like an extremely aggressive treatment was done for her scars. But it worked! I remember some other ppl on this board complaining about persistent redness after aggressive treatment (~25mj) for their scars somewhere on the big fraxel thread.
  11. zup

    my scars

    Hey, the thing is I don't think your scars are that deep...they just look deep because of the redness of each scar. I think laser is definitely the way to go. Like everyone else is saying: Fraxel. I know this will help out the indentions but I'm not sure how well it works for vascular damage (redness). I think the cheaper alternative to fraxel would be Smoothbeam and V-Beam combination. I know these lasers get some flack here, but for some reason I think they would work well on your sca
  12. zup

    my scars

    dude those aren't boxcars. boxcars have hard, ridgid edges. those are soft, shallow rolling scars. yeah, there's quite a few of them clustered together and they are pretty large in diameter, but that's what they are.
  13. zup

    please read

    could be hypertrophic scarring