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  1. Hey guys and girls... Im just wondering if anyone knows how long it will take for your facial skin to stop being flaky and dry after you've stopped Isotretnon. Cause im stopping Iso in a week or so (Finaly!)
  2. Is it safe to take Penicillin and isotretinoin at the same time? Can there be some sort of effect where the penicillin denies the effect of the iso?
  3. Going to the gym Hanging out with friends Cruising through the streets with a couple of beers & loud music Watching movies Playing abit computer games having parties & going to parties Listening to music
  4. I normally pop my cysts, or well i take a syringe and open the fucker and the i get all the shit out
  5. More moisturizer, let the medicin work its magic despite the sides
  6. Its because you lacking calcium so drink some milk
  7. I don't even understand why people are affraid of tane in the first place ? seriously
  8. I have been stuck with both and i would prefer bodyacne > facial acne any day aswell, its just this amount of pain is unbearable :<
  9. This is my first post so here goes.... Im only gonna whine here so if you don't like it move along Im sitting here by the computer its 5.30 in the morning, and i can't sleep due to the cysts i have on my body, my chest is filled and so are my arms/shoulders and back and i generally feel like shit... I've been in this situation before 5-6 weeks ago maybe more, and i spoke to my doctor about it and he refused to give me some painkillers/sleeping pills which really upset me, because nobody seems
  10. We ALL know about this... And trust me... Acne destroys lives, its really close to destroying mine so accutane is a sure winner for me