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  1. Day 17: Unfortunately I fell asleep last night before I applied the regimen, but it probably wasn't the worst thing given that my skin has been a bit dry lately, so it could use the rest. This morning I shaved and used a little BP and a healthy amount of moisturizer. Tonight my skin finally feels almost normal, so I used a full pump of BP and was careful to avoid dry spots. My skin is pretty good at the moment, one big spot on my chin, but otherwise no noticeable active spots. Hopefully now
  2. Day 16 Morning: Well I think today was the day that being in the sun and using a lot of BP finally caught up with me. Thankfully though, not in a terrible way, I'm pretty sure using A LOT of moisturizer last night bailed me out. My skin is dry around my mouth area and the tiniest of flakes can be seen after cleansing. I decided to again use the BP mostly to spot treat and cover non-dry areas, using a small amount. Then I put some jojoba oil directly onto the slightly flakey areas before app
  3. Day 15: Morning: Today has been an interesting day for my skin and I'm not sure what to make of it. I have obviously been a little worried about irritation since I have upped the amount of BP I've been using pretty significantly in the last few days. My skin has been a little tighter, but otherwise no flaking and everything seems pretty good. This morning I shaved, which went well again, and I applied about 1 full pump of BP and was careful to avoid some of my drier areas, such as my nose a
  4. Day 14 Night: My face seems a little bit dry tonight, but still not bad, so I decided to continue with a healthy dose of BP, nearly 2 pumps. Again, I am being super, super careful to avoid the area under my eyes, but it continues to be a dry area, and then when I moisturize it makes it a bit red. I put a little jojoba oil directly on it tonight, hopefully that may help a bit more with the dryness. I'm a little concerned that my eyebrows might be getting slightly bleached, but I'm pretty sure
  5. Day 14 Morning: Well today marks my first two weeks on the regimen. I feel that I've done a pretty good job this time around of easing into things and as a result, the regimen has been less troublesome than in the past. I've managed to avoid a lot of the redness that bothered me last time and I've completely avoided any flakiness. I consider both of these things to be pretty significant, but on the flip side, by going so slowly and carefully in the beginning, I really haven't seen any change
  6. Day 13: Morning: I have been surprisingly frustrated with my skin the past couple of days. I've had a couple of new spots pop up on my forehead and a few on my cheeks. Overall, it isn't too bad, but definitely one of the more noticeable breakouts I've had in a little while. This morning I shaved and did the regimen with 1 pump of BP. My skin felt good and not too dry even though the night before I used 2 full pumps. It has been humid outside lately and I've noticed Dan's moisturizer makes
  7. Good to see you are easing into it and going about the regimen in the right way. I have to agree that keeping a log really is a great way to make yourself stick with it and do things properly. I have been keeping one as well and I find that I want to go a good job morning and night so I can come post about it. Best of luck.
  8. Day 12 Night: As I mentioned before, I am more frustrated with my skin today than I have been in a little while. It isn't a brutal breakout or anything, but still not something I was expecting. Anyways, since my skin has been doing well with 1 pump of BP, I decided to use more tonight, almost the full 2 pumps. I forgot how long it takes to massage that much BP into your skin, but hopefully I won't get too dry tomorrow. I figure it is time to ramp up my BP usage since if I kept using a tiny
  9. Day 11: I did the regimen as usual in the morning and my skin was little pretty good, I wasn't too upset about it, but I could tell I had a little spot coming in that was going to be troublesome, and it is. I wasn't able to do the regimen at night, which I think caught up to me a little bit today, my skin is not so great at the moment. Also was swimming a lot, drinking, being outside, so I think that all contributed as well. Day 12: So today I finally got back around to applying BP, I hate
  10. Day 10 Morning: I shaved again this morning, but I'm not sure if it was a problem with my skin being a little dry or my razor being a little dull, but I managed to get a few slight nicks on my neck below my chin. I have been shaving every other day, but I might start waiting 2 days between shaves. My beard grows pretty slowly and I don't really have any problems with some stubble, so I might let it grow a little more before shaving, it gives me a little bit of relief. Anyways, after shaving
  11. Day 9 Night: I exercised tonight, which led to me showering a second time, quickly, and cleansing a little early than I planned. Not really a concern, I normally cleanse around 11pm or so, and tonight I did it around 9pm, so no big deal. After the shower, I waited to see if I had any flakes or dryness, and I didn't, which was a good sign. I still have a tiny, tiny case of lobster face going on, probably not even noticeable, around my nose and upper lip. Just in case, I decided to go with a
  12. I am going to continue to post at morning and night for a while, but I figure I'll just edit my morning post from now and add the night section to it. Day 9 Morning: I was a little concerned that my face would be overly dry this morning, but after showering and cleansing, it seems ok. Before I put the BP on, I could see the tiniest flakes beginning, so I decided to cut back on the BP this morning and go with about 1/2 a pump. I also dropped 2 drops of jojoba oil in with the moisturizer even
  13. Day 8 Night: So tonight did not follow as I had planned. I was expecting to stay in tonight and follow the regimen very closely. As it turns out, I spent my afternoon golfing and drinking, which led to me staying out later than planned. Luckily, here I am sober enough to stick with the regimen. Earlier today I was worried that my face might be getting a little dry from a full pump of BP at night, but after seeing my face in another mirror today, it looked very normal. Since I didn't seem t
  14. Day 8 Morning: I was kind of undecided whether or not to shave this morning because I had used a full pump of BP the night before and I could tell my face was a little dry, but I decided to go ahead anyways. I again used jojoba oil as a preshave then lathered up 3 pumps of cleanser, which was yet again another good shave. I decided to shave mostly because I feel the BP is more effective when I do not have much facial hair as it can reach the skin more directly, not sure if there is much to th
  15. Day 3 Afternoon: So I was traveling on day 3, but it didn't cause any trouble, packing Dan's products back inside the box turned out to actually be a great way to travel with the pump bottles. I again used about a half pump at night, spot treated, and used some jojoba with the moisturizer. Overall, it was much like all my other days. My face still wasn't too dry or irritated. Day 4: Day 4 brought about more travel, I got off to my normal start in the morning and had no new large spots. I