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  1. definitely doesn't sound like acne, it sounds like a heat rash. just take a cool/cold shower right after you get off work, or whenever you can after prolonged sweating. I wouldn't worry too much about it.
  2. Instead, why don't you spoil yourself; spend a lot of your time/money in a hobby that makes you feel happy. When I was feeling shitty doing my accutane treatment, I went and bought myself a new snowboard and spent most of my time on the mountain. Snowboarding is awesome because I can also cover my face with a bandanna without people giving me weird looks. This summer I'm clear, but I started feeling self loathing again just from my scars. So I went out and bought a nice mountain bike. When I
  3. it could be an allergy, or it could even be a shirt/ laundry detergent. Have you changed detergents recently? I've heard of those organic detergents that are soy based causing problems for some people. As for shampoos, I like biologe hydratherapie because it helps with my dry scalp but doesn't affect my face. I haven't really tried a whole lot of different shampoos, so maybe someone else has a better one to recommend. I hope this helps.
  4. I have these so called filaments pretty bad. sometimes I wake up and theres a whole lot of them sticking out of my pores on my nose up to ~2mm. is it bad if I use tweezers to pull em out? It sure is satisfying... I'm gonna try the mandelic acid and see if that helps...
  5. Try getting an allergy test, it could be anything. I found out I had a GI allergy to beef, pork, and garlic; I cut them out of my diet, did a course of accutane, and started eating healthy and exercising. My severe cystic acne is now pretty much gone and now I'm just trying to get rid of my scars. Since you can't do accutane try BC, it helps a lot of girls. Try to think positive (I know that seems impossible) and keep your eyes on the prize! And remember, you're not alone in this. If you'r
  6. Just wanted to say you look really cute in your profile pic. Don't be down over your acne, as someone said it doesn't look like it will scar too badly; it just looks red/irritated maybe from the harsh creams the doctors are giving you. I know it's hard but try to stay positive, and keep your eyes on the prize! If you look at my post from about 2 years ago I had pretty fucked up acne. I did accutane, and I recommend it, but only if you get on a good diet and you're really healthy. I also
  7. Hey , just gonna give you my 2 cents again. I read through panic's posts and it looks like he knows what he is talking about, but I've tried a lot of holistic approaches and supplementing and really in the end it comes down to having a good diet. I agree that antibiotics are pretty useless, however, I still recommend you get on accutane. Accutane does basically poison your body with vit A overdose, but it does an amazing job of clearing up your skin. Then, when you're clear, a good diet will
  8. Yeah I had stomach problems for the longest time and didn't really know what it was. It wasn't severe enough for me to want to go to the doctor, although I could break my arm and still refuse to go to the doctor... haha Anyway, turns out it was those allergies I had the whole time. As far as cheese and milk goes, like I said, lactose-free milk is awesome! I recommend organic too, b/c there's less hormones and shit in there, which can fuck with your skin. As far as cheese goes, there are soy
  9. I'm gonna agree with most of whats been said here. +1 on the avoid all sugar. As far as cutting meat poultry and all that goes... I've tried it. And it sucks, especially if it doesn't work. I loved meat. But heres my golden advice you you: go get an allergy test. Yes, they are expensive, ~$1000 if you get a comprehensive one. I got one 3 years ago right before going on accutane and SURPRISE I'm fucking allergic to beef, pork, and garlic (GI allergy). I cut em all out (although I did hav
  10. Hey man, nice improvement! Congrats. I had very similar acne and similar results, but i was taking 2 pills a day for 8 months. I'm left with red marks and scars too, and I'm looking to fix them soon with mild laser treatment. I don't think you can treat your red marks while you're still on accutane, but I may be wrong, there may be something you can do. I've been thinking about trying M.D. forte facial cream or lotion (can't remember which) to diminish red marks, but I don't know how well i
  11. Hi! Just wanted to tell you you're really cute and I would very much like to get an update on your skin condition in that little topic of yours. Hope you're feeling good. :)

  12. Hi everyone, Ive been avoiding this forum for sometime to try and clear my mind of my troubles. I thought I would post a quick update to show some love to you guys, before my return stateside which is in 3 weeks. My diet has been extremly healthy, and ive been washing my face twice a day like before, and I must say my face has gotten quite a bit better. I have not been able to get any of the suppliments recommended by people on this forum, however I am still taking omega 3,6,9 and A/B/C vitam
  13. Mom: Japanese Dad: Caucasian (born and raised in Alaska)(German/Dutch heritage?) Me:Born and raised in Alaska, moved to Montana where my Mildy severe acne turn severely severe. Currently in Japan, been here for 4 months.
  14. I've been skimming this thread, and I'm sorry to hear about your troubles. One thing I heard that can be a acne trigger for some people is oranges. Also, you should avoid drinking too many juices because they have pretty high sugar content. I've also heard that caffeine can have negative effects on your skin, so maybe you should cut back on green tea, although the amount of caffeine in green tea may be negligible. The biggest factor for my own acne, I believe, is stress. It's easy to change
  15. Thanks for the awesome post AKL! I'll probably make a new post to figure out exactly what I should take for suppliments, I hope I can find a good drugstore around here... I leave tomorrow morning for my next app. I hope it goes well. And wow, The RCRanger posting in my thread?! amazing! aha, I read at least 90% of your accutane blog before I even registered here, and you seem like your kinda a legend on these forums. anyway, I decided not to post new pics cause my face is pissed off agai