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  1. Well, after 4 days of being off Accutane, I boned my girl without any problems, so I figured it was probably something mental. No problems last night either. Sooo I'm back on Accutane!
  2. Update! I know I've been terrible about updating this. As far as my skin goes, I'm clear as day. Some redness and flushing and some red marks/hyperpigmentation, but nothing too bad. Haven't had a pimple since my initial breakout so really haven't had anything to update in the past 6 months. So I've been on 60/60/80/80/80/80 and am in my last month, month 6. I've calculated by my leftover pills that I've taken about 10,400mg of Claravis, which puts me right at 150mg/kg (I weigh about 70kg
  3. Thanks for the support fellas. Update About a month and a few days on Accutane. Had my initial breakout about a week and a half ago. My last post was 8/20 and pretty much right after that my face exploded. 1 cyst and like 10-15 smaller pimples. They're all gone now and my skin is pretty darn smooth, just have a bunch of redmarks leftover. Lips and nose are dry as hell. I'm thinking since my skin is so smooth now, maybe getting some makeup to hide my redmarks? Weird? Bleh. My birthday is
  4. Update 2 weeks on 30mg. My lips pretty much peeled off over the weekend. Constantly having to use aquafor and chapstick. Skin around my nose is sloughing off at an incredible rate. A few small pimples came up but skin seems to be calming down now. May have been a mini initial breakout. Forehead is still much less oily than normal.
  5. Update. It's been a week of 30mg a day and my lips are definitely drying out a little bit. Forehead is definitely less oily than normal. I've had 2 pimples surface but that's about it.
  6. Start the 50. If you've already had an initial breakout, chances are you won't get another just because of the bump up.
  7. This is what my skin looks like now. No actives at the moment, just a lot of red marks and hyperpigmentation.
  8. Seeing as how acne will cause hyperpigmentation, keep on with the accutane and clear it up for good. Trust me...in the long run, you will thank me. If your acne ever comes back, you're going to be dealing with the same thing over again. It took me 10 years to get on my 2nd round of accutane and I wish I had gone back on it 9 years ago. After you finish your course, wait a few months and then get VBeam laser to help clear up the red marks. Just read your other post. Yea getting ahead 1-2 month
  9. So it's been 4 days of popping pills. I didn't see any results til month 2 or so the last time, but already I can tell there is less oil on my forehead. I'm sitting at work and I went to touch my forehead, which normally by this time would need a gentle dab from a napkin. It's completely dry. I haven't gotten a new pimple since I've started, but the area around my nose (not the nose itself) is still as oily as it normally is. In other news, I totally told this girl I've had a crush on her fo
  10. Acne will always get worse before it gets better when using retinoids. Ziana is a good product and I think you should see some results from it.
  11. I think whey protein triggered the cystic breakout that caused me to seek out a derm and get accutane in the first place...just me though.
  12. So took my first pill last night. I'm not sure if my lips were already dry, but they are noticeably drier than usual. I'm gonna say they were already dry. Anyways, filled up a huge thing of water at work, goal is to drink 3 of them while I'm at work today and then 2 more at home. Products I'm using: Cetaphil gentle cleanser Aquafor Cetaphil SPF50 UVA/UVB facial moisturizer Jergens moisturizer with Aloe for my skin
  13. Got my script today. Claravis 30mg tablets. $10 with my blue cross blue shield insurance
  14. That's a question only your doctor can answer. What is your acne like now?
  15. I started out on this forum almost 10 years ago it seems. I'm now 26, almost 27, Asian male and I was 17 when I first went on Accutane. My acne was your typical teenage acne, nothing crazy, but I just never had a month of clear skin. I started weightlifting and began taking whey protein, and all of a sudden, I had crazy cystic acne. Now, I had gotten cysts before, but now it was probably 6-9 huge cysts and I was really beginning to feel depressed. So I went to see a derm and was prescribed Accut