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    Was in AE, Now somewhere in Philippines.
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    Hmm...Listen/Like many kinds of music genres excluding country music, Watching movies & animes, Hanging out with friends, Love watching and playing football, Play online games occasionally (Unlike the old days, guess my age is catching up on me), Surfing the net, Read books that sparks my interest, & enjoy swimming very much.
  1. I love everything about me, besides my pimples. In human nature, Every guy figure is made for the opposite sex specifically, to like.
  2. I never considered wearing make up in my last 4 yrs and upto now just to cover up my pimples. Second thoughts keeps flowing in my mind everytime I think of using make-up like for instance, It might aggravate my pimples and be a MAN!
  3. DUDE! What kind of person are you......drinking pee or cum will do NOTHING to your acne. Your body releases that stuff for a reason. Anyways, just try eating a piece of poo. I heard it helps. Let me know the results. Dude, who said I was going to drink it? *EDITED BY MODERATOR* XD, Im dying at the moment!
  4. Its nice to have very litte scar and a clear skin, I notice in every Jet li movie, he got acne scar & he doesn't mind that.
  5. hey! thank you for your nice comment

  6. My sister is using Cataphil-gentle cleanser at the moment but she follows the derma regimen. She's getting from worse to ok. As for me I use maxi-peel, still in the healing process. If maxi-peel doesnt work than I will follow dan regimen.
  7. Junje

    My days b4 n with acne...

    The picture says it all
  8. Since I arrived in philippines, I decided to take my acne seriously (dont get me wrong, been patiently trying all remedies to soothe my skin for the past 4 yrs). That's where maxi-peel comes in my life. The maxi-peel soap, exfoliant cream #3 and exfoliant solution # 3. I Wash my face with the soap 2 times a day while the cream & solution only at night. Im still in the healing process, and been using it for 2 weeks now. Somehow I get this optimistic feeling in my gut b4 I even tried it and no