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  1. Haven't posted in quite a long time or visited any forums, since my acne after 21 has been very mild. Just a brief background, I'm 22 years old now, and have been using Proactiv somewhat half-assed for a year now (just in case). A million things have worked then stopped working over the past five years or so, during which I had borderline severe acne with some cysts. Change of diet, vitamins including B5, prescriptions including Accutane and Retin-A were all things that worked for many months th
  2. I tried the Hibiclens 2-3 times daily for about five weeks or so. Whereas the AloeGuard broke me out, the Hibiclens did not, but it didn't clear me up either. I have mild to moderate acne. I went back to Proactiv in the morning and Dan's BP at night and get my skin clear once again. So nothing good or necesarially bad about Hibiclens, just didn't work for me.
  3. Just wanted to say it's been three days now, and my acne has been incredibly mild, mainly just one or two very small whiteheads - if any - each morning. I know it's been a short time and I'll be giving it at least a full skin cycle, but I've been pretty damn impressed thus far. This is my routine. 3x Daily (Waking up, after work, before bed) Cleanse face with Hibiclens for a minute or two, using some water to lather best I can. After rinsing off Hibiclens and patting dry, apply Witch Hazel to c
  4. Got a pretty bad breakout from using AloeGuard for ten days, 3x a day, lathering it on my face for 2-5 minutes then rinsing. A lot of acne showed up on my forehead where I don't normally get any acne anymore, from small flesh colored bumps to very large whiteheads which are stubborn to disappear (lots of sebum). May be a reaction to the AloeGuard soap itself, but there are similar reports from others on the "Scientific Evidence" post.
  5. There's a good chance they meant a dandruff shampoo. Most contain either pyrithione zinc or salicylic acid, two things known to help acne. Not sure what the tar containing dandruff shampoo (T-Gel for instance) would do for acne. I've personally tried using a bottle of dandruff shampoo with zinc after reading posters on another forum's success, but it didn't help me.
  6. I'm trying to figure out some sort of pattern here, acne can be caused by so many different things as we know. I've had past success with both Accutane and B5 10g megadosing, on seperate occasions. When acne returned after six-month periods of both solutions, I retried both seperately, and neither works any longer. I've read all about the dangers of Accutane now, and won't ever go back on that. I have extremely poor night vision and heart issues now which may be contributed from Accutane. As fa
  7. Thanks for the info. I've read a lot about how hormones affect acne, but just as much as diet, genes, and toxicity. I've tried covering all fronts, from cutting out oily foods and dairy, to taking EFAs, and taking NAC and ALA among others. The EFAs seemed to have little, if any, effect on me, and it seems the borage oil's effectiveness is due to the omega-6 GLA. I am very open if this has helped you or anyone else, but that B5Complete stuff still interests me as well, just for the sake that it c
  8. When I first started B5 over a year ago, at 10g Acnemiracle powder per day, my acne was virtually gone in a month, mostly clear in just weeks. After six months of taking 10g/day religiously along with a B-100 complex and multivitamin, the acne slowly but surely returned, eventually to slightly worse than it originally was. I tried stopping not only B5 but all vitamin supplements for a few months, then went back on them, without luck. It's as if B5 totally lost its effectiveness with me. I will n