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  1. I've been taking it on and off (for circulation) and I notice my skin is clearer when I take. Or is this just a coincedence?
  2. Breakfast: full fat greek yogurt, a persimmon, pomegranate seeds, brazil nuts, coffee with milk Lunch: 2 boiled eggs, avocado slices with a bit of mayo, and entire (yes an entire) large baked butternut squash (it was too good), snap peas Dinner: salad with greens, tuna, raw cheddar, kimchi, lemon vinaigrette, cucumber, and mushrooms I'm going to try eating less fat in my diet as another thread recommends, to see if it helps the over-production of sebum in my skin. I also want to lose about
  3. Breakfast: full fat greek yogurt with some brazil nuts, tsp raw honey, and 2 kiwis. Coffee with whole milk on the side Lunch: baked organic spiced chicken drumsticks on a bed of leafy greens with a baked sweet potato and some olives Snack: unsweetenend coconut water and some 85% dark chocolate Dinner: miso soup with parsnips, cauliflower, wakame, carrots, leeks, and egg whites (on sale at the store) toasted ezekiel bread with mashed avocado, sweet potato, and salt
  4. yesterday: Breakfast: full fat plain greek yogurt with pomegranate seeds, a diced fuyu persimmon, and cashews, coffee with milk Lunch: a wrap with avocado, hummus, smoked wild salmon, and mushrooms. sugar snap peas on the side Snack: 85% dark chocolate Dinner: 2 boiled eggs with a touch of mayo on top, spinach salad with a tahini/miso dressing and avocado slices. Amy's light sodium chunky tomato bisque (with spinach added), snap peas, and another persimmon for dessert
  5. woah people. I didn't ask for comments about the coffee. I already explained my views on it... This reminds me why I stopped coming to this board- too much paranoia and shoving one's opinions onto others that didn't ask. Reading this board can make you a hypochrondriac, but my skin never improved while reading it. I'm not sure what cleared my skin but it is now as clear as I could hope. I eat healthy but I don't worry about making every single thing that goes into my body perfect. That would be
  6. I've read that about milk too, and that's not good for me because I drink coffee with my first breakfast which is fruit. I don't notice a nutty flavor at all, it tastes really good to me! But I don't really remember what regular milk tastes like lol. I actually make my own to save money. It's so easy. I would say if you like a really nutty flavor you would still need the hazelnut; I love that too!
  7. Thank for your reply! I don't believe a cup of COFFEE =) a day will do me harm. I don't really drink it for its health properties, or energy properties for that matter, I just drink it for the taste and I like the tradition off having it with my breakfast. Anyway, I think I'll just stick to almond milk in it.
  8. Dairy doesn't give me acne, but I don't really think it's healthy either. However, I'm doubting a tiny bit of organic cream or half and half in my morning cup of coffee will make much difference. I don't really eat dairy otherwise, except for the occasional treat of ice cream or Greek yogurt. Any thoughts?
  9. Do you think they are almost as nutritious as raw leafy greens? I mean in addition to, not as a replacement for, fresh veggies already in the diet (I love vegetables so this isn't a problem). Thank you!
  10. I'm thinking of qutting my multi. Currently I take a multi, vitamin D, and vitex. If I quit the multi I'll just take calcium, vitamin D, vitex, and I might start taking fish oil pill. Does this make sense? Thank you!
  11. There seems to be so many conflicting arguments and no definitive solution, so that's why I asked here=). But I guess there is no answer as of yet. Some sites say it works for certain vegetables, like potatoes, but not for others, like broccoli. I believe I read that in the study in which they found broccoli loses a lot of nutrients through microwaving the scientists dumped the broccoli in a lot of water during the cooking process- this could have lead to more nutrient loss. But veggies like po
  12. I just forgot about it=) I always do that. I should keep a diary of yummy foods
  13. I agree- one of my favorite snacks used to be a brown rice cake with almond butter and sliced apples!