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  1. Hi destinyrose, CONGRATULATIONS! I just read your more recent posts and saw that Accutane is almost history for you! That's such nice news. Thank you so much for checking up on me. It was so kind of you. I am keeping well thanks. I surely haven't been keeping up with my posts as I thought I would be able to. However, I just took some pictures today of my skin to monitor the progress while on Accutane. I will post them this week and also give an overview of my time on it so far. So please ch
  2. Day 31 I went to my doctor for my first month check-up. She was very pleased to see the few cysts on my face that are so deep, as well as the few other "friends". Hey, I'm glad that SOMEONE is excited and happy to see me with acne on my face! I know that I sure don't feel the same way. All jokes aside, she felt happy that the 40 mg per day that I started on has done its job quite well in a month's time. Now, she wants me on 80 mg per day (one capsule, twice a day). I was kind of hop
  3. Hey destinyrose, Just dropping by to also tell you to hang in there. I felt so sad to hear about what's happening with your bf. Hopefully things will work out the way you feel they should. Take care of you. Talk to you soon, Nali
  4. Day 30 Today I threw out the third "installment" (empty packet of 10) Clarus capsules! For some reason, whenever that happens, it makes me very happy. So today marks 30 days on Accutane. So far, I have noticed that my skin has improved somewhat, even though I have a few deep pimples under the skin. Some are painful, some are not. The dry skin however has definitely brought a noticeable difference in the dark spots that remained after previous pimples. I was on 40 mg per day for this past mon
  5. Day 20 Hooray! I threw out another empty factory-sealed packet of Clarus capsules (accutane)! I normally wouldn't be excited over such a thing, but I am trying to be as positive as possible and celebrate any tiny milestone. My face is now starting to dry to the point where I put on lotion, but it appears as if I didn't put any on at all (in certain places). My lips are still peeling a lot, but I continue to use the variety of lip balms I have just about everywhere. People have commented tha
  6. Hi rydia, Thanks for the encouragement and for dropping by . I wish you the best of luck as well with accutane. I will keep an eye on your blog to see how you're doing. Rydia, I noticed in your notes that you use Sheer Cover. I've seen the informercial on tv, but didn't know anyone (until now!) who has actually used it. What's your review on it? I was curious about how it would work on acne. Talk to you soon! Nali
  7. Day 14 Wow, just when I thought that the Murad Acne Complex products were helping me, I need to stop them! I guess my skin has become SOOOO very sensitve now, that those products are an absolute NO now. Today for instance, my skin feels like it was on fire all day. It's been very uncomfortable and sore. Definitely itchy, too. That's when I brought out the Spectrogel to wash my face and Moisturel for moisturizing. Looking at my skin, I am surely breaking out in places as expected, but stran
  8. Wow! Your skin looks beautiful! It's so good to see that Accutane is really helping you. Looking forward to reading more about your experience on Accutane. I have just finished my first two weeks. All the best, Nali
  9. Day 13 After washing my face this morning, I really noticed just how dry my skin is becoming. It's quite sensitive now. My lips especially are starting to become very dry and crack. I have been trying numerous lip balms (as well as drink lots of water) to help the dry lips. I found one at the pharmacy today and think it's absolutely great! Its' a new product and I wanted to share it with you all: Polysporin Lip Treatment: Cracked Lips (helps heal and relieve soreness). Never knew Polysporin
  10. Wishing you all the best too, destinyrose, on your journey. I'll be checking in on you and your blog to see how you're keeping. I'm on Day 11. I still have so far to go! Have a great weekend! Nali
  11. Congratulations! I'm simply amazed. You're a big success story! I hope and pray that the rest of your days will be acne-free. All the best, Nali
  12. Day 10 Celebration! I threw away the first factory-sealed packet that contained the first ten Clarus (accutane) capsules! Whoo hoo! I can officially say that the intial breakout has begun. My face is quite sore and very sensitive. Washing my face now isn't a fun task at times. On the positive side, it means that this stuff is starting to do its thing. I have to get my first blood test next week. I'm also still learning about foods that contain lots of Vitamin A. Tomatoes are also quite hi
  13. Hey J, Just dropping by to see how things are going. TTYL, Nali
  14. Day 6 For a couple of days, I didn't feel as great as I hoped. It did worry me a bit, but I'm taking everything in stride. For two evenings, I couldn't sleep well because my head felt "heavy", as if it was under pressure. Last night, I slept very welll, and so I'm hoping that those feelings were just a part of the adjustment to Accutane. Has anyone else experienced this as well? Also, my doctor says to try staying off of foods that have Vitamin A because of the high concentration of Vit. A i
  15. Congrats on completing it! Your skin looks great! Nali