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    School, sleep, LOVE TO GO OUT AND EAT!!!<br />Spend time with family and girlfriend (whenever thats possible) and make money!!!$$$...lol
  1. Noticed you are on accutane, how is it working for you? I plan to start in december. I also saw your topic about putting a relaxer in while on accutane, I just recently put one before I start, have you put any in while you were on the accutane? If so, how did it effect your hair?

  2. heyy...i put up some progress pics. they're post accutane..check em out ;D

  3. im doing great as well!!! i still have a few breakouts here and there but nothin major.... the dark spots are slowly but surely fading... and i have no more zits on my back!! and my doctor said that im only on for 4 months instead of 5 YAY!!

  4. im doing great!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! my face has never been smoother lol I have no more zits.. i get the occasional cyst on my jawline but i can live with it. but what i do have it awful scarring and red marks :[ oh wells! how are you doing!!!!!

  5. hey!!! i know i have been m.i.a. but i have been working full time... neway how have you been??? i cant believe its been one month for me!!! how is your process going??

  6. lol you wrote the comment on your own page instead of mine.... but how have you been doing??? well i hope...

  7. HEY FRIEND!!!...lol Thats the sane dosage and amount i am on... and so far everything has been ok except for the few days of chest pain, but that hasn't occured...
  8. For the past 5 days or so, i have been having terrible chest pain.... It kind of feels like you have a bad cramp in ya chest... do yall think i could possily end up having a stoke or a heart attack... i mean it doesnt hurt all of the time, just when i put alot of stress or tension on it..i.e. getting out of bed... lifting heavy boxes at work???
  9. Ok... So.. I was on youtube and I decided to search "accutane" to see what came up... And I clicked on this one chicks video and she was basically telling her story of everything that she has taken... When she stared talking about accutane she was saying when it came to the end of her course, her doctor didn't tell her how she was supposed to "wing" herself off the medication... ex. one week she only takes one pill/day, next week, one every other day, next week, only once a week....etc.. I was w
  10. I am on the same dosage as you.... and I'm 5"4..... so yeah hopefully it will soon. Thanks!
  11. Ok... so I have been on accutane for 1 week now, and even though my lips have gotten really dry... my face is still the same(oily). I mean I am starting to get initial breakouts, but how long will it be beofore i notice my face start drying out???
  12. aww thanx for the compliment!


  14. ok so this is some bullish!!! is only been 3 day i my lips are sooooo dry... and i have to do 5 months of this!!! UGH!!!! If anybody knows what products I can use, that would be !