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  1. day 23 - more chapping, more cysts, more dryness and more joint pain. I've cut sugar out of my diet so that my triglycerides don't raise too much. With all these side effects I'm getting I could easily see having higher levels...
  2. hey sorry I didn't see your comment on my thread - because it was the start of the second page and it turns out you can reply to a thread without ever seeing the second page. anyway good luck and I'll be following this one because of our similar conditions.
  3. oh woops I didn't see your comment sid - but yes, please post your progress. Our demographic is underrepresented in these logs. Part of the reason I was inspired to take accutane was because of these logs here, but if I would have seen more males in my age group I would have felt better.
  4. Day 17 - I can feel my face getting clearer... but the blackheads are getting bigger
  5. day 16 - no changes, I'm switching to burts bees chapstick because carmex isn't doing anything and I'm not ready for aquaphor
  6. Day 15 - I ran today without any pains, so I guess I'll just wait a couple of days inbetween my runs. my forehead is substantially clearer but the blackheads on my nose are getting bigger and blacker
  7. wow you're right - were in the same boat. I don't use cetaphil, I stick with lubriderm (sp?) on my body (hands feet elbows and other dry spots) and then the Lush stuff on my face. I do recommend it however it you'll feel really gay shopping at that store. I went in with a girl so I felt sort of justified being there... or you could always go on the website. Also check out the "coalface" bar, I hear it gets rid of red marks, but I haven't tried it so I don't know. well good luck. It'll be cool
  8. it's called "skin drink" and it's pretty hardcore. I haven't tried their chapstick (it was 8 dollars) but this was 18 dollars and it looks like it's going to last a month a more because I'm only using it on and around my nose and eyebrows. Lush is a weird store though - they seem pretty gung ho on "vegan" products that are eco friendly, but sometimes that doesn't compete very well with good ol fashioned chemicals. I was trying all the creams on the testers and none worked as well as this one wh
  9. Yea, I understand the seriousness of clinical depression, I just think its a shame that when my friends hear I'm on accutane their knee jerk reaction is "woah that makes you go crazy and stuff" From what I understand as well, most of the recorded depression side effect type deals came out of the 70s when doctors didn't understand and know how to prescribe accutane like they do now. Day 13 - What do you expect? The dryness is getting to the point where lotion just kind of makes my skin feel gre
  10. yea, with all these nasty side effects I still have a lot of hope. I don't know why people get "depressed" on this drug, I mean with every pill I take I know that it's just one more day till the end of the acne road. plus what is there honestly to be depressed about? having to remember to take a pill? I don't get it, and it's a real shame that this "side effect" is so strongly marketed as to scare people away from the drug. Day 10 - when I was running today my feet got pretty sore which doesn'
  11. Day 8 - with my acne and dryness getting worse every day, I really fear for the future.
  12. Day 7 - I've been getting 2 or three new cysts every day, mostly on my back some dryness, but nothing extreme
  13. Day 6 - more drying out and my back is a MESS... and my face is starting to break out. Interestingly enough, the acne I'm getting on my face is not red, or even pimply looking at all - it really seems "under the skin".... lets hope it stays there right?
  14. thanks! best of luck to you too! Day 5 - My back is pretty nasty, full of blackheads (there must be twice as many now) and cysts. Whatever though.... my face is drying out, but my lips aren't chapping so I'm pretty thankful.