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  1. NYC (New York Color) loose powder is the best, hands down! it is non-pore clogging, matches my suuuper pale skin (they make a translucent shade), and is like $4 at target. i used to use cliniques blended loose powder until i found this. give it a try!
  2. this is kindof unbelievable. let me break this down: when you are 12/13/14, whatever, you go through this thing called PUBERTY. at this time your hormones go haywire resulting in sexual awareness (of which orgasms are a by-product), growth spurts, ACNE, girls get periods, guys get facial hair etc. if you want to blame your acne on something blame it on HORMONES, not on the myriad of other symptoms resulting from it aka orgasms. i guess the confusion stems from the fact that these things
  3. sorry this is kindof an old thread! i think dans AHA is a good product except for one GLARING problem: i cant wear it under makeup cause it flakes off! and with the way my regimen is now, i need to use an AHA during the day, under makeup. i contacted acne.org about this and they said that it was in the process of being reformulated so hopefully they can fix it!
  4. glycolic elite spf 30. its oil free, contains antioxidents, and uses only a high percentage of zinc oxide as the active sunscreen.
  5. i use dove's sensitive skin cleansing cloths and they are the only cleanser i will let touch my face! the cloths are very gentle, non-drying, and remove every trace of makeup. they leave my skin soft and clean and dont contribute to acne. using these (along with everything else in my routine) has kept my skin clear.
  6. ahh this post came at a critical time for me! im waiting (anxiously) for my EM sample kit and, having always heard that the right brush makes a big difference in how it applies, have been considering getting the MAC 187. this EM brush has a MUCH nicer price tag though! any thoughts as to whether the 187 would be worth the splurge? or if the EM brush is comparable?
  7. i know this is question is really old now, but i just wanted to add that i recently found my HG sunscreen after a loooong and annoying journey! its called glycolix elite spf 30 and it meets all of these criteria. it uses only zinc oxide, is oil free, contains antioxidents and, most importantly, doesnt break me out. one word of warning, since it uses only zinc it does leave a bit of a white cast. im pale and wear makeup over it so its not a problem for me, but it is something to take into con
  8. stila oil free tinted moisturizer. great color selection, oil-free, spf 30.
  9. alba botanicals! either the coconut cream or the pineapple quench. i have chronically dry lips and have tried everything under the sun. alba lip balms are the only ones that leave me truly hydrated.
  10. First of all, Im not an expert on Finacea (i use retin-a micro). This is in regards to your question about whether its ingredients could potentially clog your pores. The two main acne causing culprits in creams are isopropyl myristate and lanolin. These are suprisingly prevelant in prescription acne treatments (i used a retin-a cream for a few months that i discovered had isopropyl myristate in it). Fortunately, your cream doesnt contain either of those which is a good sign. You can also l
  11. ive been following the production of dan kern's glycolic acid product, and now that it is available im wondering if anyone has tried it yet and what they thought of it. for reference, ive been using alpha hydrox's 12% soufflee and really like it. while i dont particularly want to move down to a 10% concentration, im kind of intrigued by the inclusion of that anti-inflammatory ingredient in dans. lichopene? (i cant remember how to spell now of course!) if youve used it, how do you like it?