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  1. i am bump free right now. tons of scars tho im currently using an oil of olay face wash and cocobutter also i RARELY use makeup which i think is really helping out the most!! thank the lord!!
  2. apple cider vinegar works!! it does burn a bit. and it drys out pimples. so must exfolitate! to get rid of that terrible hormonal acne i used neutrogena face wash, i mixed a big of sugar in it once every days to exfoliate, apple cider vinegar. coco butter afterwards. i needed a thick moisturizer to sooth acv an exfoliate burning sensation after 2 weeks i stopped acv as the pimples dried up right now i only have two small activr bumps. i can deal with that but i do have old red marks/scars i
  3. just wanted to show support and wish u luck on ur pretty skin venture. I dont have any advice because like you i am struggling and our faces look just the same !
  4. i am going to try apple cider vinegar thanks to this thread http://www.acne.org/messageboard/Apple-Cid...ic-t108428.html Im also going to look for a good exfoliater. I had been using st ives apricot scrub but its too rough for my sensitive skin
  5. I'm now 6 months pregnant. and my skin is still completely terrible!! I am now using neutrogena acne facial wash, proactiv tonor, an neutrogena moisturizer with a few drop of camellia oil. Its erupted all over my chin, above my lip, temples, and all along my lower cheeks/jawline. everywhere else is clear I havent even been wearing make up to clog pores- this is all hormonal acne. i keep changing regimes hoping for a miracle, im tired, and so is my wallet. Dan's regime didnt work well for
  6. So. I am now 4 months pregnant. and you wouldnt BELIEVE how terribly broken out my face is. this is something that puts my prior acne problems to shame. my hormones are way out of wack! i also now have chest and back acne something i have NEVER had! seriously i want to hide under a ROCK. AND NEVER COME OUT so. this is my current regime starting this week. bumps going down, but every morning a new whitehead dans cleanser, proactiv treatment cream, and neutragena oil free lotion. reading d
  7. Hi Kimmi sorry for such late response. I did use Provon for about a month. it completely dried out my skin! it brought up new smaller bumps out the woodworks. i wouldnt recommend it at all
  8. ugh face is still crap. i now have many many bumps on my lower cheek by my jaw line that arent even red! also mu temples are completely broken out. i am now using cetaphil face wash, and nivea face cream. not the worse its ever been but still disgusting!!
  9. uhm yeh i write this as my face is being saturated in proactiv mask. i told myself i wouldnt use the mask. i have a total of 8 large crusty scabby bumps on my face because i cannot leave the bumps alone. also when i get the few under the skin large non white heads, i squeeze until the white stuff comes out because i am convinced they will not go down till i do so and the red marks last WEEKS. My skin reacted well to my regime of cetaphil, dans treatment, jojoba oil and cetaphil face lot
  10. i used it for a year and i never got clear, it was way too harsh. my eyes were so dry and BURNING and eye cream didnt help. i always had dry rough patches and pimples everywhere i use cetaphil and dans BP and jojoba oil and cetaphil moisturizer and have been the clearest EVER!
  11. i wanted to also say i stopped scrubbing my face and stopped excessively squeezing at blackheads and this is really what i thnk helped the most. ive cancelled my proactiv as i think its way too harsh for my skin!
  12. Hey all... using this regime I now have 95% clear skin in just one week. i wear laura mercier tinted moisturizer in stead of heavy foundation, & i use jojoba oil as my makeup remover on a cotton pad. facewash: Mario Badescu acne facial cleanser or cetaphil facial wash ingredients:deinized water, glycerin, sodium laureth sulfate, aloe vera gel, hyaluronic acid, thyme extract. chamomile, isopropyl alcohol, saliclyic acid, triethanolmine, propylene glycol toner: mario badescu aloe vera tone
  13. hello everyone. i wanted to give an update. i am 80% clear one monstrous bump on cheek for past 3 days, everything else is on the way out and nooo new bumps!!
  14. uhmmmm i am going to be honest. this DESTROYED MY SKIN i started using the glycolic peel 2 months ago and it made everything worse. i stopped using it a month ago and my skin is still recovering. i think its for more severe cases. i dont know. my skin was too sensitive for it.
  15. i see halle barry too, ur beautiful, good luck
  16. i see halle barry too, ur beautiful, good luck
  17. IM SO GLAD TO HEAR THAT HE IS OK! best of wishes for a speedy recovery. and best of wishes to you with ur skin~
  18. OMG! is ur dad okay??
  19. Hi everyone, I am new here. I decided to join here yesterday after a few weeks lurking. I wanted to say all of you are very informative and helpful and any help you can give me is VERY appreciative. a little background. i have been battling acne since age 11. I have always worn a mask of makeup to cover it, at the moment its the worst its ever been. Maybe not but it feels like ive had the same zits for weeks. they arent going anywhere and now im obsessed with picking and squeezing them. I al
  20. your skin looks just like mine, can u update when u come back and tell me what he recommended thanks! and good luck! btw my skin didnt react well to glycolic acid exfoliant so use caution with that, it actually made it much worse.
  21. I am kind of skeptical about my skin reacting to this regime unless i add a mask. how about Rhassoul Clay mask. such as this is this safe you think?