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  1. Actually my derm said hair loss is a possible side effect of accutane.
  2. LaXor

    My pic.

    Not bad at all. The vinegar method would help but if you can fork over a little cash then purchase some glycolic or lactic acid. I think you will see some good results!
  3. First pic I see very few scares that will pretty much heal in time. Snd pic is a bad angle and 3rd doesn't look bad. Do you smoke, drink, or into drugs? The less of these you do the better off you are. From what I see in "you" I think in tim eyou will be in good shape. Plus your starting here now as compared to me 5 years from then; and alot worse.
  4. Don't bother with Mederma, I have tried two big tubes and all it did was a whole lot of nothing. Tape method I've heard works good and so does vindgar; which I do use and have noticed a diffrence after 3 weeks.
  5. If I remeber right smoking deplenishes the bodies vitamin C count, effects alot of things with your body. I have quit smoking and have seen a better appearnance. Unfourtanetly I am starting to smoke again.......... not good.
  6. Never say you lost the war. There is always a chance of it not being as bad as you imagine. I catch it early enough, I believe you always have chance.
  7. 64 ounces of water by American conversion standards.
  8. Yes and I gave a broad rule of thumb for everyone to follow; drink more water. This applies to everyone. Some people do have problems with certain types of food. But if you eat right you can "USUALLY" sneak in some of those foods you enjoy on occasions. This is as long as you eat properly. It's hard to beleive I use to not touch anything lowfat/nofat due to taste. But really you can make it taste as good or better than the fatty stuff. So please don't tell people water will not help with
  9. The number one important thing to remeber is drink alot of water. Also, don't smoke! Since I stopped smoking and started working out I have noticed red marks on my face clearing up alot faster. Water is the best thing you can do for your skin and for your body. Keeps yourself hydrated and help wash away impurities in the body.
  10. I used it and found it not to be worth the trouble. I went through 2 of the big tubes and I saw some smoother skin. {I have mostly indented/rolling scars on my cheeks} Personally I wouldn't bother, the directions say apply 4 or 5 times daily. This equals alot of onion smell and like most medication brings the redness out in your face. I have seen more the past month 1/2 using copper peptides, exfoliation serum when I can {I work in a bunny suit} and 30% glycolic acid peels.
  11. Has anyone considered that the acid you bought from E-bay is not what it appears to be. Who knows what they could of put in there. Heres a test, put some on your nostril and if it doesn't start burning you got ripped off.
  12. I will say with the one cystic pimple that I had if you do not get it take care of be carful. Not trying to scare anyone just one of them I had was burst in my sleep and now I have a deep scar.
  13. is there anything that will help rebuild indented scars. I guessing from what I read that collagen rebuild is needed? Thanks