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  1. The BP gel that Dan sells takes around 20-25 minutes to dry (assuming you are using two pumps). You should only be applying the BP for ~5 minutes as you just want to make sure you are covering all the skin you want to, as well as applying an even coat. So, in short, you'll be stopping while it is still moist. It is fine to apply AHA twice a day. Just make sure you wear SPF as your skin will be highly sensitive to the sun. If you find that twice a day is too much, you can always try applying it
  2. He stated in an earlier thread that any orders made past December 10, 2008 should have the new formula (no more balling up).
  3. Thank you very much for the reply. Even if it is the old batch, I will keep it as it was my choice on placing the order before you confirmed that the new formula was indeed circulating. I do appreciate the great customer service, though! Edit: It is a bit hard to spread around but maybe I'm using too little (a little over a large pea in size). Haven't had any balling up issues but I don't apply anything after the AHA+. Even though I have only used it for one application, it seems to be a grea
  4. I just ordered mine yesterday so is there a chance I will receive the new formula or will the new formula only be available from past Wednesday? I was waiting until the new formula was out but I saw your previous post stating that the new formula should be in circulation so I ordered. I guess it was bad timing on my part.
  5. Yes you can. Dan accepts more payment methods than most online stores. If you want to pay by money order (I do the same) then just select that option for the payment method then checkout like normal. You should then receive the address to send it to and who to make the MO out to.
  6. I started DKR July 2, 2008 and have been using 1-1.5 pumps of BP gel (1 pump of the cleanser). My results seem to be quite different than what I've read on this forum and that leads me to my questions: 1) First, here is how I do the regime: I apply the cleanser (1 pump) and wash, then gently pat my face dry and wait five minutes. When the five minutes pass, I apply 1-1.5 pumps of BP gel and massage it into my face's skin for about five minutes. After that, I wait twenty minutes to apply my Frui
  7. While this may not help you, I really like FOTE Aloe gel (also heard good things about Lily of the Desert) for a moisturizer. It keeps oil WAY down and prevents the skin from drying out and flaking.
  8. I believe most RD recommend half your body weight in ounces (150lbs = 75oz of water). However, this also depends on your activity level and weather, which could increase your water intake to 100-120oz. Personally, I try to drink as much as I can which is normally around 100-110oz.