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  1. ^^ I agree with this guy. I mean, shit, you have acne, we get it! It is NOT as big of a deal as you all LOVE to think it is. I KNOW it's hard, hell, my face used to be terrible. Still, I lived with it, got accutane, cured it, and proceeded to carry on my life as normal. Am I happier now? You betya, but it's not like I've had a complete 360 turn around in life. I've always had friends no matter what the state of my skin was. The only difference is that now I'm way more outgoingthan I ever have b
  2. I was in this concrete park type place, just sitting and talking to this oracle women about what over the counter products I could use for my skin, when she left and this random bloke in a suit appeared from nowhere. He shouted "you're spotty" at me, which was a bad move. Basically, because I'm badass so I just walked up to him and back handed him. We had this aweseome fight where I levetated and used bullet time to kick his ass, but then like 20 more of these same guys turned up, but it didn'
  3. Well I guess I'm a little to apprehensive to call her right now, since I don't know what she wants. Hopefully I'll bump into her tomorrow.
  4. That's the thing, I sure havn't done anything to get into the friends zone. I figure the fact that she came round shows she must have some sort of interest in me! It's just she hasn't bothered to make contact with me since she came round. Granted, she could have no credit on the phone..
  5. Last Sunday I met this awesome girl at a party. Turns out she lives in my road. We were both pretty drunk but we were flirting and all that stuff. We end up writing each others numbers down on our arms and she told me to text her. So I did, and that was fine and dandy. I'm thinking, "cool". She came round my house at the weekend and we basically just chilled and watched some DVD's and stuff. Nothing happened other than us talking. We walked to school aswell a few times. Anyway, after she came
  6. Hey man. Just so you know, I've been off Tane for four months now, so I kinda know what I'm talking about Firstly, do it. Best decision I've ever made, and most likely will be so for you aswell. My skin has never been better. No relapse or anything. Secondly, don't worry TOO much about the alcohol thing. I drank fairly reguarly and was fine, just don't over do it! Vasoline helped me. Sure, my lips were dry, but never belleding or really vhapped or whatever. I think I had to apply it once ev
  7. I'm 3 months post tane, and I don't have any oil and my skin is better than it ever has been
  8. 5 WEEKS OF TANE Guess who broke a promise?! I suck at updating. I must have the shortest Tane journal in history! Anyway, I've been of the tane for 5 weeks. No oil. No spots. Smooth skin. Fading red marks. Oh hell yes!! It's been great. I feel better, although I'm still not fully over acne as a whole. But with my summer holiday just weeks away, the sun, the sea and the sand will basically seal the deal. Hoping for completely clear skin by September Basically, I did 4 months at 60mg, 1 mont
  9. I have like 2 scars after my accutane treatment which cleared me 100%. Anyway, I have red marks, luckily most of them are just marks, but a few are also scars where big spots have been. Basically I'm wondering if the mark will fade, and leave the scar where it is. I guess that's what should happen, so I should be left with clear skin, with a few scars. Is my thinking right here?
  10. I used to have acne (now red marks ), my friend used to have acne. Two of my other friends get spots, and I see a fair amount of people with acne at college. Havn't had a single comment about my skin since being at college. Been on trips for weeks at a time, talk to girls everyday. I dunno where you guys live, but here it's not that uncommon.
  11. It makes your red marks appear worse than they are, because it makes the skin redder etc.. I'm totally smooth after 5 months of tane, but my red marks suck ass
  12. ^^ Yeah, because none of knew this already... Anyway: Month 5 at 60mg/day Dry Skin Dry lips
  13. Took 3 and a half months for me to start seeing improvement. Now I'm clear
  14. Quite frankly, fucking good. Accutane is kicking acne's ass (what acne?). Clear skin, no spots. Finally.