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  1. I'm 24 and still suffering. I'm trying different things besides antibiotics to see if I can at least keep it calm. Derms are so crushing these days. I told my derm to put me on hormonal therapy for my acne instead of prescribing me antibiotic after antibiotics...she refused! So, I took matters into my own hands and got a vitamin that helps with fluctuating hormones.
  2. I am glad that you have found something that has worked for you. As of now I'm not interested in trying the urine therapy...unless everything else stops working then I could consider it. I don't think it's gross..whatever you have to do to make sure you are able to come out of the house with your head held high!
  3. Dont make that kind of stereotype. Not all women put too much crap on their faces and acne is more complicated than that. I think its more prominent in adult women because we have periods Women wear makeup. More chances for clogging and irritation. I know some guys that wear make up too...for the sake of hiding their faces. I NEVER wore make up in high school and my senior year I started breaking out real bad. My mom never took me to see a derm and I had to face it on my own
  4. This is JUST a thought. I think my acne is partially to do with hormones, I mentioned this to the lady at GNC and she suggested primrose oil..for ladies with fluctual hormones. I suggest it to you if you think this could be a problem...it might help a little.
  5. If he is taking 1 a day..he is NOT overdosing. Elderly people take advil for their arthritis everyday and no one tells them it's stupid. BTW, accutane does mess with your body..perhaps worse than tylenol. EVERYTHING you could take could have something potentially harmful. Just because you may not have had any side effects doesn't mean the next person won't..accutane is a very serious drug that could cause problems...tylenol could cause problems too but at least one of the side effects aren't
  6. Sadly enough my acne went from mild to severe while pregnant. So yeah, that was hard.
  7. how in the heck do I upload pics into an album? i can't get mine to work....i go to upload it and it says there was an error in the page...hmmm it's in jpg format..
  8. Age + Genetics. Will hopefully grow out of it but not so sure, its mild-moderate, mostly clogged pores that grow into spots. Since I've been taking these antibiotics I've been using the baby brush and generally being more careful with my face so that may have something to do with the improvement. How long is long-term? I'm 17 atm so I assume It'd be another year/2 years before I've grown out of acne. My Dads skin still isn't great, while my Mums is fine. Both had acne as a kid. So you neve