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  1. More, glad to hear back from you!! Your pics look good in terms of the pinkness having subsided!! I'm at week 5 now. My marks are still there unfortunately perhaps microscopically improving some but I can't really tell anymore. I suppose this may be because I have fitzpatrick IV skin (east asian) and pigmentation is simply just more stubborn with me. Most (but not all) of the marks are coverable with foundation powder + dermablend + loose powder to set. Haha I just wish my makeup would stay pu
  2. I just did needling too 1 month ago, and it's still very blotchy pink where my scars are, slightly bumpy where some good skin was needled, and 2 of my very old scars are raised around the pit making it look worse. Also, when I press down on those scars, I feel a lump underneath, it's weird. I hope you're healing well, I'm guessing it will take another month or two maybe even 3 for the blotchiness to go away, also, I haven't really seen any improvement yet on the scars, maybe 2% improvement on my
  3. I don't know, but it seems like my result has been irregular with the many other posters here who've had needling. Aftercare wise: I stayed out of the sun, applied aquaphor 2-3 times daily for 5 days. It wasn't healing that well since the nurse told me that it would be pretty much normal by day 5, so I followed Yumi's advice (a poster from another forum who's done needling) to keep the wounds dry and apply a light lotion. So I just slathered on cetaphil lotion and that was it. On day 5, during m
  4. Hi, does anyone know how long red marks last after needling??? I did needling over 3 weeks ago and I still have red marks around each of my individual scars. The red marks are actually larger than my scars were!!!! They're circular patches all over my temples, forehead, and cheeks. I have around 15 of these patches. I have boxcar scars btw. I've recently started using skin bio CP serum in the day time and bio-oil at night but I'm noticing no change. I have to layer on THICK foundation + conceale
  5. It's been 2 weeks and 5 days: Small islands of pink marks are all still present. Each of the scars on my face are surrounded by an island of pink, slightly different textured skin. The discoloration still shows under the bare essentials + concealer makeup I use so coverage is not seamless. I still have a small raised line on my left lower eyelid skin where the doctor tattooed over. Doesn't seem to go away. It's slightly pinkish too so it may be discoloration but may also be a permanent scar wh
  6. LOL...I didn't do repair but tattoo gun needling which you would think would not look that bad after but the PS IMO went crazy aggressive on my mild scars and I came out like a burn victim too!! I TOTALLY know how you feell!!! The extremely self conscious drive home, running in/out of the elevator, sneaking around the house so others can't see you, looking at the mirror every 15 minutes thinking maybe you'll look better now but then sulking afterwards. It's a smart thing you took a month off of
  7. I had needling....almost 2 weeks ago. Face still looks ugly-pink patches, splotchy, Like I scraped scars of and have the new shiny pink skin exposed now. It's only gotten slightly better since last week. Seems like my skin will never heal, which really sucks. I still see a yellow bruise on the side of my face from the numbing injections. Scars went from slightly raised bloody red to back to normal-maybe 2% better than original. My main concern however is the current patchy texture/pigment of my
  8. ruby102


    Hi guys, I just did needling last thursday at a doctor's office, it's been 8 days and my skin still looks patchy pink with some tanned color and rough texture. Things have not been healing much at all for the past 2 days it seems like! Is that normal??? How long does it take for the skin to totally recover and look normal???
  9. Day 5: Face still itchy..its quite irritating. Patches of red-bumps along t-zone on forehead between eyes and a few lone ones on both cheek. Can someone tell me if they are whiteheads?? Face is now peeling revealing patches of fresh pink skin underneath. What can be done if the bumps are whiteheads??? I'm still supposed to apply aquaphor on those areas and it's probably congesting my pores in those areas??? Can I apply benzaclin or something in the meanwhile as well??? Bruised rings around my e
  10. thanks KuroDesu! Day 4: Today, I'm feeling a bit annoyed/impatient! SOMEBODY TELL ME WHAT I'M DOING WRONG!?!?! I have my post-op appt tomorrow and I do NOT see ANY improvement from yesterday...I look frikkin the same!!! Redness, bruises, needled areas feel rough to the touch, ARGHHHH! Nothing is going away fast enough....what in the world was everybody else talking about when they said they were perfectly ok by day5?!?!?! Day5 is tomorrow for me and there is NO wayyy I'll be okay at all by tom
  11. day 3 progress: Looks like I'm nowhere near the back to work stage yet! Hiding at home is a B#$%H! soo boring...plus the doctor gave me a laundry list of food I can't eat for healing. Some of these things seem a bit ridiculous if u ask me....apples, cherries, garlic, ginger, tomatos, etc etc. Basically knocks out most of the foods I eat! I don't care- I have been snacking on cherries anyways, hope this doesnt make me bruise more or something. Face is still reddish- now more on the pinkish s
  12. Hi, I just did needling, but I had mild and a couple moderate boxcar scars, so I'm not sure if my case would apply well with yours. I've been told by doctors that subcision is used for rolling scars and from some of the posters on this board, this seems to work well. I've also been told by docs that needling and subcision works basically with the same concept- wound puncturing- breaking up scar tissue, etc. Thus either would be good choices. Be aware though, that both do require some downtime. A
  13. Thankyou lexisa42!!!!! You don't know how much I needed that!! Today, I just washed my face and changed my ointment and it seems to be looking a bit better!! My face still looks marbled red and my scars are barely oozing anymore I don't think. But I'm beginning to see small islands of normal color skin through the red!! I agree with you, I feel like the doctor really did go aggressively with me, and I now think that while he did the lidocaine injections to each scar, I think he subcised them a
  14. :::::::bump:::::::::: Day1 progress: Face still red similar to yesterday with less oozing in individual scars. Looks like very little difference from yesterday! Recovery feels like eternity right now!! I'm starting to get worried that I will not recover by Monday when I go back to work!! Any words of reassurance from some1 who has done it??
  15. well, I had to pay separately out of pocket to fill the drugs of course and bring them to the appointment, so I guess in terms of the procedure, he didn't charge me extra I don't think. Right now, I'm still oozing, and my face feels sore and a mild burning sensation, like a bad sunburn. Don't know what to make of it. I definitely have mixed feelings right now since I look so bad. i have to re-apply aquaphor every 3 hours or so and I can't shower until tomorrow. Has anyone experienced a similar