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  1. It's improved a little bit. But to be honest, even though this is a little embarrassing, it didnt start to improve until i stopped masturbating. I noticed that if i masturbated a lot my skin would get really bad, so i dont know if the regimen has anything to do with the little improvement. And a pea size wont cover my entire face, since i get acne on my jawline and upper neck, as well as the rest of my face. I use a little bit more than a pea size. The BP is 4%
  2. any other opinions? the more the better
  3. I have been on a regimen that consists of minocycline twice daily, a BP lotion in the morning, and tretinoin at night for nearly three months. I moisturize after the BP in the morning, and use a non-comedogenic sunscreen. So far, I have seen minimal results, if any, but my face is extremely sensitive now. I could wash my face with just water, and it would be very difficult to even open my mouth afterwards because my face is so dry and tight. If i sweat, my face feels like its on fire. Should I c
  4. why? also, I use cetaphil's mild skin cleanser as a face wash before application of the topicals. I moisturize and also use a non-comedogenic sunscreen everyday as my skin is so senstive to the sun. I feel like if I use less BP, I break out. If i don't use as much as I am currently using, (which is enough to spread a thin layer to my entire face) I'll break out in the spots I missed. Also are there any other opinions for whether you think my face will continue to improve after three m
  5. Your face looks great and this topic is giving me hope. I've been on minocycline, BP in the morning, and tretinoin at night for nearly three months, and I've seen very little improvement. My skin has gotten so sensitive from this regimen. If i wash if with just water, my face will get so dry and tight that it becomes difficult to just open my mouth. I can't sweat or my face feels like it's on fire. My face has also gotten oiler since I started this regimen. Should I continue to stick it out and
  6. I'm trying to cut dairy from my diet, so that means no milk. Can I drink soy milk instead?
  7. Then why is it that my face is so dry after I wash? I used to use proactiv and that wasn't harsh on my face at all. Could it be because I work in the sun all day. I do use a 15 spf sunscreen.
  8. Yeah my face gets extremely oily during the day, so I blot it away. But when I blot does that mean I'm also taking off the BP thats mixed in the with the oil?
  9. good regimen if the cetaphil is making your skin dry...check the first post of the thread in my sig for cleanser recommendations. i know i am using the basis bar but i am switching as soon as it is all gone cause my face is so dry. oily and dried out...what a helluva combo I don't think it's the cetaphil that's making my skin dry. I could take a shower and not wash my face at all with a cleanser, and it would still become extremely dry. I previously used Dan's cleanser and switched to cet
  10. Oh right I forgot to mention that part. I moisturize in the morning about 10-15 mins after applying the BP. I don't at night because it reduces the effectiveness of the retin-a.
  11. I use brevoxyl (benzoyl peroxide) in the morning, retin-a at night, and take minocycline (100mg) twice a day. I've been on this regimen for about 8 weeks, and am just starting to see results. My face is still extremely dry after washing with cetaphil, but i think i'm still adjusting to the retin-a. I'm still hopeful that i'll keep improving.
  12. Yeah I don't know, I just feel like when I'm sleeping my body shuts itself off, so the pill goes to waste. I have no reason for thinking this though, call me crazy.
  13. Is it ok to wake up at 8 just to take my pill, and then go right back to sleep? Or does that make the pill ineffective.
  14. I've been on a 200mg a day of minocycline, brevoxyl in the morning, and tretinoin at night regimen. I originally had moderate/severe acne with extremely oily skin. For the first week, it looked like I had been on a miracle regimen, as my skin started clearing fantastically. I experienced my initial breakout at the start of the second week, and it was pretty severe. It wasn't until about the 6th week where I actually saw an improvement in my acne. I've now been on this regimen for about 7 weeks.