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  1. I have reached a stage of complete and utter despondancy with regards to my face and my overall life. I now have scarring on both cheeks and am afraid to let anyone see me. Whilst I am now 2 sessions into series of 5 Fraxel laser treatments, I have yet to see any real difference and i'm worried that I will remain a disgusting freak for the remainder of my days. I know that it takes longer than 2 treatments to see any results, but I'm just all round saddened that my life has become such a numbin
  2. I would actually prefer to go out with a girl who had either acne or scarring because there would hopefuly be a level of understanding and empathy where you both know exactly how the other person is feeling.
  3. I started a series of Fraxel laser treatments on Thursday (1 of 5) and already i've noticed a positive difference with 2 scars in particular having faded to almost nothing.
  4. Oh, I thought it was a completely different laser treatment. Thanks for clearing that up
  5. I know how you feel. I'm still going through that; i'm scared to go anywhere or see anyone because i'm worried they will be disgusted by my appearance. I too also used to wear hoods everywhere because I was ashamed of the way I looked, and I still feel the same way only now forunately enough my hair is long enough that it can cover both sides of my face. I know this is easier said than done, but try to be positive with the Accutance as it apparently has very good results in the long run.
  6. You guys should try lemon tea if you haven't already. I too can't take it black so I always opt for lemon tea, as that way it eliminates the need for sugar and milk, plus the lemon is high in vitamin C.
  7. I'm looking to undergo a series of treatments (most likely laser) to treat moderate scarring on one side of my cheek and mild scarring on the other, and I came across a surgery in London that uses the Fractional 1540 laser which I haven't come across before. It apparently stimulates new tissue growth as the skin is resurfaced. I was wondering has anybody else come across this treatment before or has had it themselves? http://www.woodfordmedical.com/fractional1540.asp
  8. I used it for a while but I didn't see any noticeable improvement. I guess it helps with skin tone and keeps it moisturised, but it certainly isn't a miracle cure, contrary to what they say.
  9. yeah that would be the greatest thing ever, be in a place where we cud all not have to worry about peoples stupid comments
  10. i feel just the way you do, i'm 17 and ive considered suicide lately, i know its wrong and not the right thing to do but when you feel like a freak its so hard