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  1. Aww, it is hard to stop isn't it. This might help: www.acne.org/habit-reversal.html I would dab a bit of neosporin on that, which actually helps me leave it alone for a while. Good luck!
  2. xippychic


    Not much change in appearance but it feels almost 100% superficial and just needs to heal. This is consistent with my previous results on acidophilus, and should only get better from here.
  3. xippychic

    week 33

    wow, what excellent results! you look radiant. Thank you for encouraging the rest of us!
  4. I tried BP a few months ago and I woke up in the morning with a swollen face, that didn't go back down until that night. Haven't touched the stuff since. Then I learn on this site, that you have to g_r_a_d_u_a_l_l_y increase BP - hahaha. OOPS. If acidophilus doesn't kick in soon, I'll try it again. Although I'm intrigued by the thread about not washing her face for a month.
  5. xippychic

    June 2008

    Smiles are contagious, especially if you put one on someone else's face as well as your own! Intro coming soon. So glad a friend told me about this site!
  6. xippychic

    Side 2

    From the album: June 2008

  7. xippychic

    Side 1

    From the album: June 2008

    These three images don't show as much as I see, because it's kind of dark.
  8. xippychic

    June 08

    From the album: June 2008

    The most success I've had is taking a dietary supplement with acidophilus contained in it. I started taking it to aid digestion and two weeks in was nearly acne-free. Life interrupted, so this picture is a few days into it again.