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  1. Aww, it is hard to stop isn't it. This might help: www.acne.org/habit-reversal.html I would dab a bit of neosporin on that, which actually helps me leave it alone for a while. Good luck!
  2. xippychic


    Not much change in appearance but it feels almost 100% superficial and just needs to heal. This is consistent with my previous results on acidophilus, and should only get better from here.
  3. I tried BP a few months ago and I woke up in the morning with a swollen face, that didn't go back down until that night. Haven't touched the stuff since. Then I learn on this site, that you have to g_r_a_d_u_a_l_l_y increase BP - hahaha. OOPS. If acidophilus doesn't kick in soon, I'll try it again. Although I'm intrigued by the thread about not washing her face for a month.
  4. xippychic

    June 2008

    Smiles are contagious, especially if you put one on someone else's face as well as your own! Intro coming soon. So glad a friend told me about this site!