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  1. i like a wath formula-1, i was wath since 2000 years
  2. All what you can do it's a wait, need time and patience, and hope some hobby, it's a help to a lilabet fogot about acne
  3. Yes it's a normal reaction for first time of acne, probably and a face became more red collor, and became more acne? it's a normal reaction, but accutane bring depression, so try to suport you son, i know what i say becouse i was use accutane twise and i know what you alone, what tipe acne of you son?
  4. live it's a funny, when you think all about it's, you understand that you do not know nothing
  5. You are a fighter man, i understand how "not easy" was you live with acne, but you a not to despair
  6. I not hear about effects of kenalog injections, what says derm about effects?
  7. Stop using bare minerals, it's not help you
  8. Yes you need a accutane, without accutane you scin will be worse and worse, and after and in time use accutane depression came, but main it's a not lost you mind
  9. I think you need visit a surgeon, becouse you "bump" need open
  10. I like a song: Within Temptation - Say My Name, and Reamon - Somthime, it's a sad song but i like it, and i like some russian song
  11. i have acne conglobata too, since 1997 years, it's a kil my live, i use all what can help accutane, antibiotic................ it's a never stop i think
  12. no i not go to another countries, laser CO2, Simultaneous use of systemic steroids in a my city we dont have it's, and erythromycin it's a not for long help, and it's a help a little, very little. and i think that acne coglobata have only i
  13. i have a acne conglobata since 1997 year, i was 13 and now i have acne always on my body, face, neck, bosom, belly, hands, back, i many times go to derm, and another doctors, but nothing help, i was use a accutane, but it not help to, i wont to know, when it's a end? somwone mayby know poeople who have acne conglobata, when he have a clean?