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  1. from http://yarchive.net/med/niacin.html Maybe there's more information there if you want to look into it... probably 500mg isn't going to be too bad, but if you're planning on using it for the rest of your life, you probably would want to read up on it...
  2. I wish I knew more about the liver... I think the liver is key to a lot of people's health problems. Anyways, I found a page here: http://www.drugs.com/cdi/niacin-lovastatin.html Today I just ate a grapefruit for lunch. Yesterday before bed I took 500mg of Niacin. After eating the grapefruit, I feel a bit woozy and headachy, and I read on the above linked page that Grapefruit reacts with Niacin... something to keep in mind for the grapefruit lovers out there, it could be bad...
  3. Hmm.... I've been reading this thread here: http://yarchive.net/med/niacin.html It's a collection of usenet threads talking about Niacin... some of the posters are MDs talking about how Niacin can cause liver damage in large doses. Definitely want to be careful with that one... it sounds like anyone on large doses should have their blood monitored! Apparently Niacinimide has a slightly greater liver toxicity than plain niacin as well... eek... I'm guessing that there really have been no l
  4. Well, one reason is that now I have a bottle of Niacin to use up! I haven't had a reoccurance of the severe headache and chills, just a more normal flush, and I think that might be getting better now too. But yeah, we'll see how it affects me I suppose.
  5. To follow up on this, I've taken niacin for about four or five days now, and I never got those kinds of headaches and weirdness. Last Saturday I did get a flush, and my nasal passages felt a little swollen or some other weirdness there. I took a little larger dose before bed last night and didn't notice a thing... maybe that's the way to do it?
  6. HEY! I think you live in a similar area to me! judging by your description of the weather lately here in Alberta. Sorry I just thought it was cool that someone on here lives near me lol

  7. I stopped eating beef and pork (basically all red meat) for years myself (not for acne though)... I know that that alone didn't seem to have a big effect on me. The thing that I discovered about the proteins though was interesting. When I cut *all* meat, (yes that means fish and probably eggs too) and dairy, then that gets rid of the "dirty protein". I wish I knew more about how this affected different body types, but I know that going on the Wai diet cleared me up completely. Initially
  8. Wow, I'm scared to think what would have happened if I took 500mg my first time. There must've been some kind of interaction with something else I did... ginger root??
  9. I did take it with food, and I probably had a bit of water - but next time, I'll make sure I take no more than 1/4 of a tab (125g or so) and drink like, four big glasses of water. I figured that if tabs are 500mg, then that kind of dose should easily be tolerable, and I didn't even take half of it! Hopefully that headache doesn't happen again, that was brutal... I'll keep posting on my experiences, I'll try again today and see what happens.
  10. Yeah, there was some speculation that the no-flush might not be as effective, but I thought, meh, I'm no pussy I can handle it. I do *not* want a repeat of that gongshow though, that was awful! If that happens again, I'm definitely ditching it for the Niacinimide.
  11. I just posted a new thread here about my first experience with Niacin just now: http://www.acne.org/messageboard/weird-tim...ce-t242953.html It was really messed up. I got a massive headache like I've never felt before and had a violent *cold* flush. Anyone care to have a read and suggest what the heck might have just happened to me?
  12. Okay, so I was reading this thread earlier today: http://www.acne.org/messageboard/Niacin-AM...ne-t241485.html Which basically talks about taking niacin and that it apparently has helped many peoples' acne condition. I was at the grocery store today, and thought, what the heck, it's cheap, I'll give it a shot. Now, the background here is that today I've been feeling a little off... I don't know if it was the intense bike ride I did yesterday or what, but I'm feeling a little stiff and inflexi
  13. Interesting, this post. on freeacnebook.com, the material talks about how "dirty protein" is essentially the cause of acne, and by eliminating it, you eliminate your acne. This essentially refers to any proteins that are cooked, so according to Wai, raw fish (sashimi) and raw egg yolk is okay. For me, cutting out meat and dairy helped... I presume you haven't tried cutting meat? If you have increased your protien intake, that would be very much in line with what Wai says. Perhaps try gettin
  14. B5/Pantothenic Acid is supposed to accomplish that with over 10g per day. I'm not sure about Niacin.
  15. Somehow I've managed to get through 28 years without any cavities, (not in my adult teeth anyways), and I have a fairly lax oral hygene regiment... I brush and floss once per day. I wasn't using fluoride for years, and I'm still on the fence about fluoride... I don't think it's good to put fluoride in one's body. Anyways, I'll be the first to agree that by avoiding gluten, one can drastically improve the quality of their diet, because much of the processed junk food we eat is glutenous. Altho