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  1. I was referred to a dermatologist by my GP to see about the possiblity of accutane. My GP asked me what I wanted to do about my acne - I just said 'I want to get rid of it'. So I was on this 6 month waiting list to see a derm, and when I finally got an appointment, as mentioned in my first post, this - ironically - was at the time when I had cleared up a lot and was with my girlfriend etc. The derm basically said there was no way he'd consider putting me on accutane the way it was looking. The
  2. It depends how bad your acne is. If your getting big cysts then you need to go on accutane. It has worked for me almost 100 per. It may take a couple of weeks to see full results but I would highly recommend it. It has worked better than ALL prescription medications i have used. Give it a try.
  3. Proactiv works for me. Thats all I'm saying. If you think it sucks dont use it and don't tell other people who have used it with success that it sucks. Most people think their acne stems from bad acne meds when actaully it has more to do with hormones. I don't have a hormone problem.
  4. I still have some red marks but I used a home microdermabrasion system that got rid of most of them. Still a few ones that linger that I'm going to have to figure out how to get rid of.. I used Dermanew and it seemed decent. I think if you have bad acne though it might make your acne worse im not sure though. This system got rid of most of my hyperpigmentation and smoothed the texture of my skin. I used it for 5 days then took 5 days off then repeated about 3 times. I don't know if they recomme
  5. Hukis just becuase something hasn't worked for you doesn't mean it doesn't work. If you have severe acne as in your case Proactiv isn't going to help. I have had mild acne for years and Proactiv has worked better than any prescription medication I have used. Remember acne isn't just caused by dead skin buildup and bacteria. It also has something to do with hormones. If your hormones are out of balance acne will follow no matter how hard you scurb.
  6. Is lemon juice the best way to clear red marks left by acne or should I try something else? Do I drink or apply the lemon juice on my face?
  7. Anyone know how to fade the redmarks you get from acne?
  8. I have quite a few redmarks from past acne. I know these aren't scars and fade with time but is there anyway to speed up the process. thanks
  9. Someone please help me does this thread not get alot of hits?
  10. Is there a best way to apply makeup if you need to conceal redness?
  11. A long time ago I was scratched by a cat that left a very fine scar with little or no indent. Although very fine it got somewhat discolored and is brown. Any suggestions on what to do about this?