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  1. It's been a while. My last post on this website was 6 years ago. I stopped visiting after I found a skincare regimen that mostly worked for me. My issues were oily skin, pustules, and sebaceous filaments. Most of this was clustered right on my nose, which caused many years of embarrassment and self-consciousness for me. I was fortunate that my acne was mild/moderate, but it was still gross looking. Nowadays, my skin is still as oily as ever. I suspect that will never change, but the di
  2. A while ago I developed a dark spot in the center of my nose. I'm not sure if "blackhead" is technically the right term for it. It was dark gray, bigger than a pore, hard, and felt like it was growing under the skin. It was so hard and deep that I couldn't pop it, so I resorted to chemical exfoliators like AHA and BHA, hoping they would gradually shed the skin until the spot disappeared. This thing sat on my nose for over year not budging at all. It was so stubborn that I figured the only thin
  3. Awesome, that sounds really promising. How oily was your skin before?
  4. That's really cool! I would love to hear how it goes, if you're allowed to talk about your experience.
  5. No unfortunately none of the topicals I tried (besides ppermint oil) had any noticeable effect on sebum output. I'm testing out internal vitamin A now.
  6. The generic brands weren't prohibitively expensive, but I still wanted to find a cheaper alternative. I've stopped peppermint oil and all other topicals for the time being. I've used so many different products on my skin over the past year that I want to give it a break.
  7. What brand of vitamin A did you use? Jofo, I know you used to use Accutane low dose. How come you stopped doing it? I stopped using it because I was worried about the long-term side effects, and it was very expensive. I've been searching for a safer and cheaper alternative because I would rather not be dependent on Accutane for the rest of my life. It did work, though.
  8. What brand of vitamin A did you use?
  9. I start to see the first beads of oil about 20 minutes after washing my face. By the 3-hour mark, a blotting sheet that I press onto my face will be soaked in oil.
  10. I wish I could say the oil stayed away but it returned 1 or 2 weeks after stopping the medication. That's what most people experience, unfortunately.
  11. It worked for me. I took 10mg of Isotretinoin every day and my oil production decreased dramatically. I made a log 3 years ago describing my experience:
  12. It's the Finacea (azelaic acid) that's causing his improvement, not the Cerave cleanser. There are a couple of studies suggesting that azelaic acid may decrease sebum production, but there are more studies demonstrating that it has no effect on sebum. I haven't seen many Finacea success stories regarding oily skin, so I'm inclined to believe it's a treatment that only works for a small percentage of people. I'd love to be wrong, though.
  13. Jofo


    Sorry the late update but I got sidetracked by a bunch of stuff. I stopped taking resveratrol a couple of weeks ago. Unfortunately whatever miraculous oil-reducing effect I saw in the beginning has disappeared. By the end of the experiment, the resveratrol may have been reducing my oil production slightly, but not enough that I could confidently recommend it to anyone else. I don't know if my initial results were due to the resveratrol or if my body was simply being nice to me for a few days, bu
  14. What kinds of foods are in your typical diet? Do you avoid anything besides dairy and soy?