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  1. A while ago I developed a dark spot in the center of my nose. I'm not sure if "blackhead" is technically the right term for it. It was dark gray, bigger than a pore, hard, and felt like it was growing under the skin. It was so hard and deep that I couldn't pop it, so I resorted to chemical exfoliators like AHA and BHA, hoping they would gradually shed the skin until the spot disappeared. This thing sat on my nose for over year not budging at all. It was so stubborn that I figured the only thin
  2. If you have severe acne then I don't know if a low dose will be enough, but most people who do it see a reduction in oil that is just as drastic as taking a large dose. It was effective enough for me that I'm planning on doing it again. I have to say though that the idea of having to take isotretinoin for the rest of my life is really depressing, but I just don't know what else to do. I've considered looking into a diode laser treatment since in the long run it's probably cheaper than paying
  3. Jofo, I know as one point you were taking low dose accutane for your oily skin. What made you stop using that? Mainly a combination of cost and side effects. The side effects I experienced with isotretinoin were increased fatigue, facial flushing, and lower back pain. But those weren't too bad and I'd take them over the vitamin A headaches any day. The isotretinoin is still the only thing I've tried for oily skin that worked like magic. I'm planning on giving it another go in the future
  4. I've been taking vitamin A pretty consistently for several months now and it has made no dent in my oil production. I think it may be helping to keep my skin clear of acne, though. So I'm going to stop taking it. Not only are the results negligible, but I've also been getting some really irritating side effects. The worst is terrible headaches every morning, which is a common side effect of vitamin A. Another side effect I've been experiencing, which I've never seen linked to vitamin A, is p
  5. Awesome, that sounds really promising. How oily was your skin before?
  6. That's really cool! I would love to hear how it goes, if you're allowed to talk about your experience.
  7. No unfortunately none of the topicals I tried (besides ppermint oil) had any noticeable effect on sebum output. I'm testing out internal vitamin A now.
  8. The generic brands weren't prohibitively expensive, but I still wanted to find a cheaper alternative. I've stopped peppermint oil and all other topicals for the time being. I've used so many different products on my skin over the past year that I want to give it a break.
  9. What brand of vitamin A did you use? Jofo, I know you used to use Accutane low dose. How come you stopped doing it? I stopped using it because I was worried about the long-term side effects, and it was very expensive. I've been searching for a safer and cheaper alternative because I would rather not be dependent on Accutane for the rest of my life. It did work, though.
  10. What brand of vitamin A did you use?
  11. I start to see the first beads of oil about 20 minutes after washing my face. By the 3-hour mark, a blotting sheet that I press onto my face will be soaked in oil.
  12. That's the brand that I'm taking (except mine is 10,000 IU per pill), and it's also the exact supplement that FredTheBelgian said he has been using for a couple of years with no side effects. I emailed Now Foods and they said that it is 100% fish oil sourced Vitamin A, not synthetic. So I think it's a pretty safe bet as far as vitamin A supplements go, but if you have any reservations you can of course let me be the guinea pig here and see how my body responds to the supplement before trying it
  13. On July 2 I started taking 1 tsp. of cod liver oil per day, then one week later I decided to add 20,000 IU of Now Foods Vitamin A (the brand that FredTheBelgian uses) to help speed up the process. I haven't seen any changes yet, but back when I was on isotretinoin it took 3 weeks for the sebum-reducing effect to kick in, so I'm going to be patient with this regimen.
  14. Have you had a look at these Vitamin A drops, Jofo? http://www.amazon.com/Vitamin-Drops-Pure-Seeking-Health/dp/B00AA1G9C2/ref=sr_1_5?ie=UTF8&qid=1404478193&sr=8-5&keywords=vitamin+a The 'Most Helpful Customer Review' explains why he/she thinks this is one of the best types of Vitamin A available and it's quite convincing- just wanted to know your opinion on it? To be honest, I only just started looking into vitamin A a few days ago so I'm not an expert by any means. That par