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  1. So I am writing this blog mostly to remind myself that these products dont work for me. Neutrogena glycolic acid moisturizer with SPF 15 gave me lots of new pimples, the worst! Ponds dry skin cream clogged my pores. Makeup Forever powder foundation, Bareminerals Pro Foundation gave me pimples as well...
  2. Is it just a coincidence that "chemotherapy" i.e. accutane has been used for most of these skin disorders like Ryan Gonazalez and the tree-man? I believe even in people with acne, new skin cells are being generated too fast and the body can't shed them off fast enough leading to blockage etc. Oil is a problem but many people with oily skin don't have acne because their skin cells are not being generated so fast.
  3. If its mainly on the jaw and chin, the acne is most likely hormonal. I usually have acne on my cheeks and when I started BCP (yasmin) I got this cysts on my chin and one between brows (areas where I dont normally get acne). I stopped the BCP immediately but I was dealing with those cysts for 2 months after that. Its only recently that I have stopped getting those. I found BP didnt do anything for those cysts. I recently bought the Beauty Skin Acne Lamp. I am going to try it tonite and will post
  4. You know what, nowadays I put baby powder (which has talc) all over my face with a brush before I go to bed. And I find my face is less oily and gunky in the morning. I think it helps absorb the oil during the night. I havent broken out because of it, if its safe for babies, I think it would be safe for me too...) But its different for people I guess, some people might be sensitive to talc.
  5. Hi there. I kinda had the same problem as the acne areas on my face tend to be dry and the skin flaking from there. I recently bought the Clinique moisture surge face spray and I find that it helps a lot with the powdery and dry areas. I am using Maybelline mineral powder makeup and after that I just spray the moisture surge spray on my face. I find it helps to "settle" the powder and prevent the flakiness. You can even put it in your purse and carry it around if you like. I was looking for the
  6. It cost me about 174 pounds but it has a 2 month money back guarantee. I am so excited to try this out. It says you have to use it for 15 minutes everyday with googles on etc. Do I have to be sitting up straight in front of the lamp or is it possible to just lie down for 15 min and somehow put the light on while lying down?
  7. I agree. From what I saw on youtube, it says for people with oily skin, powder foundation might be better and people with dry skin, liquid might be better.
  8. I agree. I have used liquid foundation for 3 years now and although it gave good coverage, it feels like I have a mask on. I am trying the Maybelline mineral powder foundation currently and was suprised to find that it gives pretty good coverage and I feel like my skin can breathe better. I think I am gonna switch to mineral powder foundation now.
  9. I am generally searching on youtube how to hide blemishes videos and its so annoying in all the how to videos, the models have no acne at all! They might have some dark circles but that is much easier to conceal than acne bumps. Even if the title says how to hide acne blemishes, the models have no acne whatsoever. One thing I found is that if you have a pimple, dont pop it unless it pops itself on its own in the hot shower. If you pop an unripened pimple not ready to be popped, its just going t
  10. Whey is made from concentated cow's milk. So if dairy breaks you out, I suppose whey might too. Have you tried any other plant based proteins?
  11. It takes me about an hour to get ready. Makeup about 10-12 minutes, hair (about 10 minutes) since I straighten my hair everyday. Other things like brushing teeth, ironing clothes, drinking coffee, packing lunch for the day etc. take up rest of the time. I take a shower in the night otherwise I would be late for work
  12. I have been watching lot of youtube videos on makeup and some girls there use a facial setting spray to set their makeup esp. if it looks powdery, oily etc. I have seen about the aquafina (cheap), Mac fix plus and the Clinique hydrating spray. Do you girls use a facial spray after makeup? I think it will help me a lot since I notice that my face looks powdery and dry around my acne areas and spraying it with a moisturizing spray would be much easier than applying moisturizer over makeup through
  13. For those of you who are working, what is your profession? Do people with acne have a harder time working in people oriented jobs? I am a teacher and have to act like I am in complete control during class. But that is hard to do sometimes when my own skin is acting out of control. Still I don't let that affect me and try to do my job as efficiently as possible. Thankfully my skin is not bad as before due to diet changes etc. but still it is hard sometimes even if I have 1 big spot right on my ch
  14. I read this trick somewhere here on this board. But I am surprised to find that this works really well. I love spicy food and I know it generates heat in the body which is a complete no-no for acne sufferers. But after eating spicy food, just splash your face with cold water to close the pores so that dirt etc. doesnt get blocked in it.
  15. Hi. I have been using Clinique superfit foundation and it doesnt break me out. It also doesnt look cakey. The Clinique clarifying foundation I find looks cakey and goes on quite thick, so I stopped using that.