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  1. Revlon colourstay is absolutely amazing! I love it but it smudges a lot. But it's great for the water line
  2. Can tanning help fade scars?
  3. A lot of people say Spectrogel is better then Cetaphil, I personally never used cetaphil so I wouldn't know. But yea I'd get Spectrogel though
  4. http://i180.photobucket.com/albums/x34/Sto.../SP_A0892-1.jpg Mole, scar, blackhead? What.
  5. They remove dirt and oil and moisturizes the pimple
  6. Right now I'm using Neutrogena 3 in 1 Acne stress control. It's a Salicylic acid treatment. I guess you can say it's working O.K. for me.
  7. If you want to buy Acne Kits, maybe Clean and Clear? I've never tried it, but I heard that when you stop using it acne won't pop back up.
  8. I got Tea Tree Oil there. I didn't use it much though and it didn't really work for me but I only used it for a few days.
  9. I recently bought "BioOil". It's suppose to get rid of scars. But I still have acne. so do I just apply the oil with my acne treatment I am using?
  10. Me too. I hardly wear tank tops. And one of the reasons I stopped swimming is because of the acne on my body