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  1. sorry I got cut off* *not appear even but really is*

    I used proactiv's nighttime clarifying lotion or cream which is stronger but more irritating to even out my skin. Not sure if you can use it alone without breakouts but in two weeks i'm really even. It is irritating though. :-( I found that salicylic acid works really good at evening out the skin but can leave you really dry.

  2. Hmm well I found that if you want to try it out naturally I used black soap and a right now i'm using aloe vera gelly from lily of the desert. That can give the appearance of being even just applying Aloe vera, and you won't have irritations. *i'm beginning to think soybean oil does to but I don't know if it's an acne creator or not* What I used to physically make it even *not

  3. hey i stumbled upon ur pg while lookin at a picture comment of a girl with severe hyperpigmentation and i have the same problem i was wondering if you were talking from experience? b/c i need to know what works i have my senior prom in 2months :( plz help it will b deeply appreciated..thnx

  4. accutane scares me!!

  5. yea, the accutane works but its not the best remedy for the situation unless you have really bad acne because it has alot of side effects...

    and plus it rapes your face lol.

    why dont you put up a pic in the gallery for people to see how severe you are

  6. hey! so how haz dan's regimen been working for you? I've tried it and honestly not much improvement but are you going to try accutante b/c i heard its good but im not too happy bout the side effects. comment back. thnx

  7. yo man im sorry 4 botherin u since i dnt no u but i seen ur black && im black 2 && i have bad acne 2 so shud i try accutante? the thing iz that im not trynna fuk with them side effects cuz acne iz already ruined my life && depressing i dont wanna kill myself b/c of a side effect wen im on accutante lol . but 4real plz comment back thnx

  8. hey im sorry to bother you but does accutante really work? and if it does clear up acne what about acne scars cause mine was as bad as yours and i just want a real life person to tell me how it works. please please comment back..bye

  9. hey i waz going threw your gallery && ur skin really really really looks good now. Where u ever on accutante? let me know b/c im thinking of trying it since everything ele doesnt seem to work.

  10. hey how did ur trial wit accutane work? && did u ever try Dan's regimen wit lots of benzoly peroxide? let me know b/c i suffer with it 2 && itz really hard 2 deal with.

  11. thnx good luck 2 u i no how it feelz 2 live with this && feelin like nothins workin but if u feel like no1 understand how it iz trust me when i say i understand and I hope 2 months from now we can talk about how we used to have acne lol. Let me know how its working for you and ill let you know too.

  12. hi, rdolla8. i haven't tried the regimen, because i've been trying to have a sustained holistic approach to my health. bu since my allergy outbreak, i am desperate, and i think the regimen is worth a try..! good luck. pm me, if you need support. x

  13. umm just being curious..did u try the regimen yet?? mayb it could help you if ur still struggling with acne. Im new to this site and i have bad acne too but i hope it works. but hey if u tried it and it doesnt work let me know so i can think twice about it and maybe save time and money. Thnx