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  1. good to hear! glad im not the only one. i swear its working too!
  2. no worries lamar. so it sounds like you have had good results with terproline? i actually just received mine today! so its nice to see a positive comment about it. can you tell me what type of scars you used it on, how often you used it, how long till you saw results, and what type of result did you experience? any info would be greatly appreciated. ive also ordered copper peptides so im not sure which one to use. im assuming i shouldnt use both.
  3. so its been a few weeks since these posts. is anybody still using this? and if so, any results? i've been using it now for 3 weeks and i'd say a see a slight improvement. nothing crazy, but i must say they are better than they were 3 weeks ago.
  4. so no responses?? gee, thanks. this is comforting
  5. Anybody heard of this or tried it? Ive read some good success stories of using this with the dermaroller and am curious. Would it be ok to use this and vitamin c?
  6. So I've read tons of posts on here and other sites about people using dermaroller for scars, however I've seen very few (hardly any solid ones) about people actually having success and seeing improvement with this method. Has this or is this working for anybody?? If so, what type of scars, how much improvement, and how long until you saw results? Pictures would be great too. I see successful before/after pics on the dermaroller websites but obviously thats what they are going to show. id like to
  7. So I have recently purchased a dermaroller and plan to start using it this weekend. I'm starting with a .5mm roller and I have also purchased a .75 roller that I will use once I see how my skin reacts. I don't want to use anything larger because I dont feel like that is something people should be doing on their own at home. I'm confident that these sizes can help just as well since I only have a couple scars Im treating and they arent all that deep. Anyways, my question is what topical(s) shou
  8. thanks tricia. you have a great attitude. i consider myself a perfectionist as well so i hope in time i can find the strength that you have to overcome this
  9. i had ordered this on amazon the other day, but happened to be in walgreens today and saw that they had it there so i picked some up (now i'll have 2 so hopefully it works!). its only $16 so what the heck. i did the first treatment this afternoon. fingers crossed for some type of improvement. keep me posted on your results and ill do the same
  10. i have to say i completely agree with scarcrash. sure i feel depressed and have been suffering from anxiety from these scars, but remove the scars and suddenly the depression and anxiety is removed. you see your face everyday, multiple times so you are always reminded of the situation. there is no depression medication in the world that can help with that. the scars are the root of the problem. its so easy to say ignore them and just be happy, but its so much harder to actually do that. ive trie
  11. 80 people have read this and ive only received 2 responses.....thanks for the great support and comments.
  12. ive never tried that. it sounds scary and like something i should not be attempting on my own. where do you buy something like that anyways?
  13. Anybody else out there feel hopeless about their scars and is tired of hiding and feeling like you are missing out on life? I cant take it anymore. This site has made me feel more hopeless that there is no cure. Ive tried to get dermatologist appt's and they are like 3 months out. I cant wait that long. I was able to get a few weeks ago and was told there was nothing I could do and he said "in my experience these usually improve on their own". So I waited all that time for that! Well I havent re
  14. So I've been all over this site praying to find something that can help make these depressed acne scars go away or at least improve. It is such a hopeless and frustrating to feeling to read all of these posts and see so many conflicting opinions and no clear cut solution. I do not want to do needling or TCA or anything harsh like that because to me that is just not normal and is not something should be doing to their face. I don't understand why there isnt some type of cream out there that peopl