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  1. O rly? Your truth isn't superior to mine. Some people believe in God while others don't, accept it. You don't need a certain religion to believe either.
  2. I am using hydroquinone myself but since I have so much PIH and marks I use it all over the areas affected. I guess if you can apply the hydroquinone very precisely where you have the darker marks that would be even better (blends in with the rest of the skin in time). Good luck!
  3. Congrats. Religions/dogms are unnecessary but God does exist.
  4. I can understand meka's view when it comes to virginity, everyone has the right to have certain prefernces. On the downside in the western culture most women who are over 25 and virgin...hmm I don't know it's just not the norm, so maybe you have to look into religious types or girls from other cultures to be frank. That's just the way it is. I am a virgin myself (come from a very conservative background) and as nice it would be to get with someone who is as well, I don't feel like one can l
  5. I'm 23 years old and I never had a boyfriend. The worst is when you have to end sth before it gets too serious, because you're too insecure...I did that 3 times... I just couldn't stand the embarrasment and didn't feel comfortable enough, there was one guy who contacted me even 1 year after I rejected him (he was 4 years older than me and was probably interested in sth serious, either way I will never find out). I never cared about looks in a guy, it was always about humour and personality....I
  6. That sounds great geronimo! I am mainly looking to lighten the dark brown marks I have. I think the red marks are still not healed so therefore HQ din't do anything for you in that regard, but once they are healed they turn brownish in some people..and then it might be more treatable? Anyway, I am optimistic. I will keep using the 4% on my face for about wto moths and then see what happens. The darkening of the treated areas has at least subsided now a bit so, now I'm just waiting for more fadi
  7. I am experiencing darkening of the treated areas...brownish kind off. It was worse yesterday , yoday it seems to have lessened. I hope this means it is working!!
  8. Hi, How dark marks do you have? Keloids are probably harder to get rid of¨... I have dark marks on my back as well and I'm gonna try Ramzey's method first http://www.acne.org/messageboard/Ramzey-Pr...rs-t167541.html There are lots of stuff you can do, but it all comes down to 1)Exfoliation, 2)Bleaching/depigmenting 3)Healing time
  9. I can skip most things (lipgloss, eyeliner. mascara) but never leave the house without heavy foundation. This makes me feel quite fake so I end up putting on the rest as well.. I would love to not have to hide my ugly hyperpigmented, uneven, dull skin!!
  10. I use Teint Idole Ultra by Lancome and Biodroga zinc containing cover up, that plus reflexive concealers.
  11. I agree with oil-based being best &mildest, like emu oil, jojoba oil or baby oil.
  12. Hi, Oh sorry, I mean hyperpigmented and very uneven-looking skin (I need to cover up with lots of concealer and foundation, especially around mouth and chin). The only place on my face which looks like somewhat even skintone in my forehead. Yeah I saw the pics on the mama website and it seemed to good to be true almost. But I am thinking about trying it especially since you posted pics as well.... The reason I asked was because I though your skin looked great to start with and that it mig
  13. How is it going geronimo? I have just started using 4% hydroquinone on my face...the treated areas seem more pigmented now though (which is a bit scary...) and I'm hoping this will help with my blotchy skin. If this yields results then I will go ahead and treat my back/shoulders as well.
  14. I was about to start a topic asking this exact question! I think it sounds like a great combo, has anyone done this?