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  1. I'm 19 and male with moderate acne that started when I was 14. I've been on a prescription gel once, Differin, which did not work for me. I started Clinique in September last year thinking it woiuld be the be all end all solution. Clearly not. I'm not sure if my skin has stayed the same or if it is worse. The Clinique reps keep telling me to get antibiotics etc but I am not a fan of taking drugs just for acne. I've been through the natural route most of the time I had acne, including diet, wate
  2. I'm usually a natural-organic health junky but all that ended up happening was a large amount of money being lost and nothing happening with my acne. So I'm back to chemicals. At 18 my acne is probably dissappearing by itself because I've had it since 14, but I'm moving to a new country in less than a month and want my acne to be at least reduced. It's mild at the moment and on all parts of my face. I've heard very good things about the products in the title. Are they a good combination or shou
  3. I've been on 4000-5000mg of EPO for almost 2 weeks, and haven't noticed any difference... I was inspired by this thread and decided to try it. I'll continue until the bottle runs out (in about 3 weeks).
  4. I recently turned 18 and since a few months ago have been wanting to get rid of my mild acne by the turn of the new year, naturally. I've tried a range of natural products, but, as I kind of expected, I am not acne free. Now I am more desperate than ever to end the problem I've had since 14 or so before university starts. Despite my clinginess to natural I've decided to bite the bullet and try a pharmaceutical brand (used Differin in the past to no avail). From what I've read acne.org stuff se
  5. UPDATE: No progress. Getting slack with my regimen because of no results. I'm updating my regimen from today: Evening Primrose Oil 4000mg daily until I see results Calendula bar soap Lavender oil applied with cotton bud It's not much, and I got sick of zinc after taking it for over 2 months. I also got natural shampoo and deodorant today. The deodorant is aluminium-free, so the toxins exiting my body through my armpits will be able to actually exit instead og being clogged inside by alumini
  6. UPDATE: A few days ago my acne seemed to be going away, and the redness dissappearing. I was excited. I thought that maybe this was due to the organic teas. However it has now returned to its usual state. I have upped my dose of zinc, started apple cider vinegar 4 tablespoons a day just then after a 1-2 week break from it, stopped using the rosehip oil and only use the tea tree oil toner occasionally. I also haven't taken vitamin A/fish oil in a few days. My regimen as of today: Apple cider
  7. I used to get this when I started taking vitamin A, it doesn't seem to happen anymore. I used to think that my body was just discarding most of the vitamin A I took because I didn't know what else would colour the urine suddenly and coincidentally like that.
  8. Hmm, there seems to be a correlation between orange juice and vit C with breakouts. Bear in mind most vit C supplements are not real vit C. The 'ascorbic acid', which comes from genetically modified corn (modified to produce more vit C - how disgusting and unnatural), is marketed under the name Vitamin C in most supplements, and the chewable ones are flavoured with orange flavour and coloured with orange... And they are also cheap - of course, since they are genetically modified, mass produced,
  9. Ok here are my supplements: Zinc (Blackmores Skin Support), approx 30mg total of zinc amino acid chelate - been taking for over a month, haven't noticed anything yet Vitamin A (Thompsons Vitamin A), approx 30,000 IU a day - taking that amount for a few weeks, haven't noticed anything... Cod Liver Oil (Red Seal Cod Liver Oil), with Vitamin A and D - taking for two months, not noticing anything Saw palmetto tea (Blessed Earth Herbals) - only been drinking for 4 days Detoxing herbs, milkthistle,
  10. Have some pictures taken today of my acne on cheeks, chin and forehead. Can someone please tell me what type of acne I have and if I am right in calling it light/moderate? Thanks! UPDATE: I haven't used tea tree oil toner in a week, because for 5 days I've been using the Trilogy Rosehip Oil I mentioned before (presumably the small indents on my cheeks are scars, they are also present between my eyebrows) so that nay help the scars. But I've been getting whiteheads or whatever they're called,
  11. Yeah I would say at least wait another month. I've heard it can take up to 3 months to start seeing results. I've been on approx 30mg zinc amino acid chelate for over a month and hope to use it until 3 months. And taking zinc doesn't mean it will help with your skin. Everybody's acne cause is different. Try a more holistic approach, i.e. continue with zinc for at least another month (in case acne is hormone-based) as well as doing a daily detox in case the problem is due to liver problems.
  12. Has anybody used rosehip for scarring and got good results?
  13. Hi, I am 17 too with mild acne. This is the best article I've found for treating acne naturally (this blog also has an article on treating acne naturally from the inside). It's where I got the idea for tea tree oil from and I use the same product that the author references, I'm also about to get the organic rosehip oil for scarring. http://blog.healthy.co.nz/external-treatme...-skin-problems/ - relieve acne topically, naturally http://blog.healthy.co.nz/acne_treatment/ - internal acne treatm