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  1. Hello guys, I was wondering if any one of you experience more oily skin while using Tazorac. I started in the 0.05 cream and my skin only peeled a little for 2 days. After that my skin started getting oilier. It was very oily to begin with, but now it's even worse. Then after a couple of months using the cream Tazorac I started using 0.05 gel Taz. and now I am using 0.1 Taz gel. No irritation hardly any peeling (only the first and second day of use) and then oily skin. No other improvement noti
  2. You guys Rock! Today I feel little bit better. Went to the derm, much better then the one where I went last months. That one didn't even want to listen to my questions and was in and out, and made me feel like a little school kid. The one today (she was really young) she took her time, answered my questions. We are trying different topical combinations, nothing oral. Even though sometimes I think Accutane would be the answer, I would have said no to it. A month ago I would have went for it (n
  3. Thanks guys for your support. I defenately have to go to a psychologist, not to tell me that my skin is good enough (because it isn't, and those pictures you see are not realistic believe me, I am not crazy, first of all it's not only my face, which got a lot worse by the way, it's my whole body). I need help to cope with acne, try to deal with it, but I hate it so much. I know there are a lot worse problems in this world and this shouldn't be of a concern, but fact is, it is. And I can't make
  4. I just want to say, that my hope for a cure is gone and without hope I can't live anymore. I hate myself, I can't live a normal life and the older I get the worse my skin gets. Oh gosh, I can't deal with this anymore. Sorry guys, to be such a whiner, but I had to write down my frustration. I am so angry, frustrated, sad and down......... I hate myself. It hurts so bad, so bad. Really bad, it controls my life. I hate it. I could cry every day. Well, thanks for reading.... Kat
  5. I've tried bp and a lot of other products, nothing ever helped, not even a little bit. So accutane is my last resort, even though I think that I will never be cured and I have to live like this my whole life. Sorry, but it seems like my skin is getting worse and worse and there is no hope right now. --Kat.
  6. Thank you so much on replying. This kind of put my hopes up, it looks like that there are people out there with the same problem. I am so glad for you guys that accutane works. I will tell the derm how much I am suffering (even today, I won't go out only because of my skin). I will let you know tuesday evening what the derm said. I am really hoping for accutane, especially now that I hear that a low dose is effective as well. I weigh about 116 and I am 5'3", so I think a low dose should be
  7. Hello guys, I've been reading some of the posts regarding accutane but I still have a few questions: I have serious comedonal acne on my face, and all over my upper body. I do have sometimes some inflamed pimples. But all of my pores are clogged and it raises the pores and it looks bad. I've been suffering physically and emotionally too much since I was 13 (I am 29 now). There was no good skin day since I can remember. I am so depressed and I am not able to wear any nice cloths. I have tried
  8. I was just wondering, since everywhere I read that you can expect diarrhea after the cleansing steps. Does that mean, if I start Saturday afternoon and have my last shot of epsom salt liquid Sunday morning that I will have diarrhea on MOnday? Please let me know, also how bad the diarrhea can get. Thanks kat
  9. I was reading about quiet a few alternatives here. I know spelt flour has gluten in it, but yet, it is not wheat gluten, and mostly tolerated from peopl who have celiac desease (gluten intolerance). We have a great Health Food store where I live, and they pretty much know what contains wheat and gluten. Of course most of the time you pay double the price if you want to buy something. It really sucks if you want to be healthy. Being healthy means spending a lot of money, but that's a different
  10. same here. I have those things everywhere, face and upper body, every piece of my skin is covered with it. so far, I haven't had any luck.
  11. I've been of wheat (gluten for the most part also) since last week monday, so it's been about 9 days but I haven't seen any improvement. I have oily skin, large conjested pores, all over my face and upper body. Since nothing ever helped (I am 28) I thought, I'll give diet a shot. I was wondering when should I see some small improvements in my skin? I would like to get my blood tested for any food intolerance, but that costs about 200 bucks. I heard that sugar doesn't really play a significant
  12. i have the same comedonal problem. it sucks. i rather have couple pimples then comedones all over, it's the entire face, chest, and back, oh and arms. so far nothing has helped. and i can't stop picking. if you have comedones/blackheads, it's like never ending. you can squeeze for hours, you'll always find some more, and the next day, same thing. i hate that when people tell me when i am telling them i hate my acne skin "i don't see any pimples". yeah right, but they don't consider my uneven c
  13. can anyone of you get the clogged pores under control? i am so frustrated, nothing is working. i've been using paula's choice 2% salicylic acid regularly, but it doesn't help. it's so expensive, since i have to use it on my upper body also. i am wondering what else i can do? i might be going to the derm again, but i know, they jsut prescribe me those topical retinoids. which i tried before, and it didn't help. i might have to use them longer, bus usually after a month, if i don't see the sli
  14. isn't it called comedonal acne? so it is acne, just a different form. it seems like i am one of the small percentage which has that problem. all over my body. it is never ending, and i am living with this about 14 years. it suck's and i hate it so much, i can't enjoy life because of this.