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  1. How does it work then? The following morning your skin is not that dry or ?
  2. Hello. I need some assistance, regarding when to use AhA+ in my routine, this is how it currently looks. Morning: Shower Cleanser Wash with water (wait for it to dry) Treatment (wait for it to dry) Moisturizer with a drop of Jojoba Oil (wait for it to dry) All done Nighttime: Splash water in my face Cleanser Wash with water (wait for it to dry) Treatment (wait for it to dry) Bedtime. I usually use the hot water in the shower at the morning to gentle rub off any dry skin ect. But now that i
  3. Btw my blackheads aren't that bad, id just love to get rid of them, now that my skin if clean from pimples and breakouts
  4. What about the old house trick, bowl of hot water, sit with your face over it, with a towel covering your head & around the bowl, the heat/steam will open up your poors right? But how to take it from there, im not quite sure
  5. Hello again everyone! Been some time since i last posted in here, i began the regime mid june i think, and lifes been a blast ever since My acne has completely gone away, allready from day one i had improvements, now my skin is 99.8 % clear, most of the time 100 ! Except from this problem, the regime took care of the acne, and maybe lowered my amounts of blackheads i think, but they are still around, any suggestions how to get rid of the stubborn bastards?? I never squeeze em, my attitude t
  6. COol, thanks alot nice signature for sure
  7. Hello everyone, sorry if this question has allready been covered but i was unable to find an answer to my question anywhere on the forums. Anyway ive just started on the DKR, been using it for only 6 days, anyway i can see improvements allready now, i know i shouldnt get my hopes up to high this early in the process, so im just happy if i get any progress at this state, but my main problem is my skin becomes so very dry, i only use half a pump of the Treatment gel as recommended on the page,
  8. Thanks Kory, much appreciated
  9. Finally, package got delivered 5 days delayed, and with a tax fine on it, but that wasnt the major problem, 2 of the 3 bottles were broken on arrival (Treatment & Moisturizer)
  10. Going down to the postoffice today with my order confirmation paper, to ask around whats become of my package Ill update my findings later.
  11. But what happend then? was the package just stuck down at the post office then? Since i have not recieved any word, or notification in my mailbox.
  12. Hello fellow Danes! Sorry to barge in on your discussion here, but i just wanted to say hi, and ask if either of you people have had any problems with ordering DKR's products to Denmark? Ive had some trouble, for details have a look in my post Very anoying waiting this long, paying as much for the shipping as the products costs! Anyway cheers, and thanks for reading this, if you do ofc
  13. Hello fellow users, and mostly admins of the site, i seek some help regarding my order. A package was shipped to me on 06/16/2008 via U.S. Postal Service Express Mail International, then on 19/6/2008 on the status webpage it said, my package had arrived early in the morning to customs out in Kastrup (thats the danish airport near Copenhagen), so far so good. Yesterday i was expecting to get it in the mail, but nothing came, so i went and tjecked the status again, and it said the following: "W
  14. HAHAHAHA doh guess i made a typo from when i saw the word first time, maybe thats why i cant look up the word, anyway thanks
  15. Hello everyone! Ive been reading for some time now about peoples personal regime, and how they treat their acne problems, anyway alot of the times i read that people have cut down/removed dairy products from their food. Im from Denmark so im having abit of touble understanding what exactly this is? Ive tried looking it up, but all my book comes up with is well the regular dairy (aka book you write in on a everyday basis) If there is not another more commen english word for it, can you then