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  1. Hi I did Affirm last summer. I did 6 treatments. In my opinion it was a waste of money. I don`t really see improvement. maybe 10% at most. and i wonder if it didn`t make my skin look older. it`s kinda of more saggy now. this is my experience. maybe others have had different results.
  2. I hear you! I've been clear for about 6 months but my behavior hasn't changed. I do not feel carefree as i expected. For example, I consider lighting all the time. If we walk into a cafe, I'd tell the waitress where to sit us according to lighting. When I go to clubs, I want to leave before the end, when the lights are turned on. I still cannot go out without makeup. Acne controlled my life. I guess it's like post-traumatic syndrome. Today I am still obssessed with my skin. I have mild scarring
  3. I can sooo relate. Though I don't have acne anymore, I still need to wear makeup, to hide my scars/uneven skin tone, redness, plus I am so pale. I remember often breaking down and crying while putting my makeup on. It's frustrating to HAVE to put make up on and find that you still look horrible. And that you look like a cake. You have to choose between your spots looking bright red or looking like a cake. And people see what you're trying to cover up, you're not fooling anyone. I started wearing
  4. Lenna

    hormonal acne

    I'm 30 and have suffered from acne since I was 13. I finally FINALLY found a real solution. ORTHO TRI CYCLEN regular, if that isn't doing it for you, combine it with spironolactone. I take 50 mg of spiro a day and I am completely clear. Most people need to take more than a 100mg a day to see results, everyone's different i guess. But truly, this was a Miracle for me. I've tried accutane, demulen, yasmin, alesse, androcur, diane 35, proactiv, every topical imaginable, vitamins. Nothing has worked
  5. I have been on Ortho Tri Cyclen regular with 50mg/day spiro. It has worked WONDERS for me. Nothing has ever cleared me up like this and believe me I have tried everything under the sun. Last week I decided to switch to Ortho Tri Cyclen Lo still with Spiro 50mg/day, hoping I will lose the 8lbs I gained with Ortho regular. I'm so worried i will start breaking out. Anyone out there try this combination? I would appreciate your help. Thanks!
  6. Lenna


    I have tried many many treatments in my life...accutane twice, every topical (prescription and non prescription, proactiv), natural pills, and bcp's for my acne (OTC, Alesse, Yasmin, Demulen, Diane 35), since I was 18, i am now 30. Alesse was BY FAR the WORSE pill I have ever taken. It made me oilier than I ever was, broke out uncontrollably, my hair curled ?? (the only positive effect it had was that I had lost weight...my body looked amazing but my face was a mess, what good is that when your