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  1. I took B5 last year starting in May I believe. Hair started falling out a couple months later and ended in October when I started taking Detoxadine in high amounts. What would you say has been the most beneficial in your re-growth?
  2. No regrowth and still shedding a bit, but not nearly as much. My hair has however noticeably gotten oilier, it was much dryer before. That may be a good thing.. Taking: Biotin, Selenium, Detoxadine, Raw Thyroid, Vitamin B12
  3. Hermetics and discomfortzone reversed their hair loss. Take another read, if you start taking colostrum at 10g + per day, and thyroid supplements you might surprise yourself, my hair is currently growing. Thanks man. So your hair has started growing back as well? I'm now taking colostrum 10g+ a day and Raw Thyroid. Is it fine to take more than 1 pill a day?
  4. This is possibly the biggest mistake I've ever made. I've receded sooo much it's incredible. And to find out that there hasn't been a single person who's experienced regrowth is extremely depressing.
  5. I'm hoping I don't have to do it TOO hard, considering I have work & school and would rather not show up with scabs or severe redness.
  6. What do the scars on your back look like? Little white hypertrophic bumps? Are they all over?
  7. Wart Remover.. besides that, idk. That's way risky though..
  8. The hairy uni is a lot more noticeable than the scars. Easily.
  9. Accutane? Your skins gonna be sooo much more susceptible to scarring afterwards.. I'm not one of the accutane people who are out to scare you but it made my skin so much weaker.
  10. Did you get these wrinkle type lines after accutane? Because I did.....
  11. Interesting.. Hey, if ya can, please keep us updated and tell us exactly what products you use! :surprised: