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  1. I also have problems with migraines and would stay away from Diane. I get aura from time to time, and the higher the estrogen level, the higher the risk of stroke. If you get estrogen withdrawal migraines, it's going to be a whole lot worse with a higher dose of estrogen. I think some people are more prone to yeast infections on BCPs than others. I know at least one person who gets them directly related to her BCPs, but I am on NuvaRing which obviously creates a higher risk for that and have no
  2. Are you urinating a lot too- if so, you may have a rare form of Diabetes called Diabetes Insipidus. It seems like you have a decent diet, so there has to be something else going on if you are still thirsty all the time.
  3. The side effects I've had while taking pills have been much worse than with the NuvaRing. I think it's just like anything else and everyone reacts differently. If she has 3 months for free, she might as well give it a try and see what happens and then go off it if she has too many side effects. I imagine any of the more severe side effects will happen in the first 3 months. When I've been on BCPs, it only takes me about a month to figure out whether I'll be ultra moody, have headaches, gain weig
  4. Yes, eggs have a lot of protein, but they also have a lot of fat. 3 large eggs are only 240 calories but also provide 24% of your RDA of fat and saturated fat for the day. That combined with the processed/frozen meats you eat probably put you over your RDA of fat/saturated fat for the day before you even start to eat anything else. If you want to get protein, there are plenty of ways of doing that without piling on the saturated fat. FYI, a "study" with one person over the course of 2 weeks wo
  5. There are plenty of high-carbohydrate foods that are not cake- cereal, rice, dried fruit, cereal bars, etc. Right now you're focusing on foods that are fairly high in cholesterol and saturated fat. What you want to do is increase the calorie intake without increasing your fat and bad cholesterol intake. Eggs are good for you in moderation. I think you can probably be fine with one a day, but three a day is taking it too far. Stick to lean meat that you prepare yourself, not the fatty stuff.
  6. I haven't really noticed many of the side effects you mentioned. It took me a few months to get used to it, but now I really can't feel it at all. Some women will get yeast infections with BCPs, so it may just be that certain women are more prone to them than other women are. Thus far I really don't notice any difference down there from before I started on NuvaRing. The only problem I've had is that if I have to take it out for some reason (like a Dr appointment), I may start to spot. Typically
  7. VS bras run big through the band though... I wear a 32 and their 32 bands are rarely small enough on the smallest hook. Their strapless bras don't stay up well on me for that reason. I have the convertible one with the straps that you can move anywhere on the bra, with a clear center gore, but the band is a bit big on me and the cups are shaped funny & the edge shows under clothes. Still, it comes in handy sometimes. And at least it is not massively padded like most VS bras in my size...
  8. There are plenty of people without degrees who are successful, but they typically have a specific skill- be it hairdressing, carpentry, massage therapy, etc. If you're just a run-of-the-mill job applicant, having the degree will open doors to more entry level jobs and more importantly, will allow you to advance higher up the ladder. Once you get to a certain level of managerial position, most companies tend to want people to have more education. If school is stressing you out now, you can alwa
  9. I think bleaching also depends a lot on the dye and quality of the fabric. Some blue/green dyes seem to bleach out quite easily with BP or even deodorant. When I used BP on my back, it was only fabrics with blue/green in them that turned yellow or pink. I'd also suggest not washing/drying your sheets with fabric softener. It's essentially a layer of grease that allows fabrics to pick up dirt faster and probably increases the likelihood of fabric bleaching because the BP just clings onto the pi
  10. According to the CDC, around 2/3 over age 20 are overweight and 1/3 are obese. For age 20 and under, it is only 17-19% who are overweight. Still, I think that if a person is obese, you're more likely to notice that they're 300 pounds than any acne they might have.
  11. For those of use that use hormonal BC for general hormonal symptom regulations, it is a Godsend- unless 10+ days of misery out of every month like I used to have is something you're interested in- you know, searing migraines, crippling cramps, etc. The thing with hormonal BC is that its effects are more well-known than phytoestrogens. Studies on phytoestrogens are inconclusive. For many, soy can be a migraine trigger. The benefit of hormonal BC is that it keeps hormones regulated and steady, whi
  12. I'm in my 30s and have been on Seasonale and am now on NuvaRing. My bacne has improved a bit but I think it's affected more by sweating than my face and that's what tends to cause the biggest breakouts. The first time I was on NuvaRing my scalp acne went away entirely but this time it's not quite as successful. Blehtifuly, it can take up to 5-6 months for you to see results with hormonal birth control. In months 1-3, you're likely to be a bit worse but that's completely normal as your body adj
  13. Northern Europeans have typically had a diet higher in dairy, while Asians typically had a dairy-free diet. Japanese people still have the longest life expectancy at birth and now obesity is becoming a problem due to the addition of full-fat milk into the Japanese school lunch. As for lactose intolerant, I think lactose intolerant people outnumber those who can safely drink milk. It's not just confined to Asians.
  14. People are allowed to have evening gatherings in their apartments from time to time, as long as they quiet it down after a certain time. I'd say after midnight on a weekend is reasonable and after 10:30-11 on weekdays. Why not try talking to your neighbor about it first. It's normal to have housewarming parties when you first move into a place, so this could be a one-time celebration. Even if it isn't, as long as it is during reasonable hours, I don't see a problem with it. I once had a neighb