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  1. thanks guys, althoug now I'm really confused about what I should look into
  2. thanks guys , the advice does help, I still have alot of thinking to do, and am strongly considering smoothbeam, I'm afraid it wont work and cost me a good $1000 and possibly leave me with red marks, which I already have and would not want to get worse. I'm also worried about it actually working and finding out its only temporary
  3. I have been hearing alot of mixed responses about smoothbeam, I was wondering if anyone has had any real scar reduction, especially deep ice pick scars, with treatments from smoothbeam. also if there are any improvements using smoothbeam, after several treatments, is it permanent or temporary. I was also wondering if anyone has had any success getting rid of deep ice pick scars with any treatments
  4. you would get acne breakouts after using smoothbeam laser, thats strange. Do you believe its because of smoothbeam or maybe just coincidence
  5. tks for your support and advice guys. I think you may be right john about the treatments. I talked to a doctor at a cosmetic clinic, some old indian woman. She wasn't too friendly and didnt seem to care too much about my problem, but did answer a few things for me. fillers would not work for me because the scars are not wide enough and the filler would probably leave "weird" looking bumps. Punch excision might work but might leave a bigger scar. Punch graft might not work too. She wanted to give
  6. sorry to hear what youre going through angel, I have been looking for scar treatments for my ice pick scars and have not had much luck. I had glycolic peels done and it only wasted my time/money and left my face with a light burn ( sometimes it can get really red though). I recently went to a cosmetic clinic and the doc told me smoothbeam might work for my small but deep ice pick scars. Keep me informed on how the treatment is going and if you think it would be good for ice pick scars
  7. thanks for the info everyone, it sounds like even punch graft/excision treatments only lead to more problems. I have looked into a filler that is new to canada(recently approved by our medical standards) called artecoll, which is supposed to be a permanent filler. It has been used in europe for along time and is a mix of collagen and another filler that is permanent and has been used for bone repair and dental work. I have heard of mixed results. Downside is it is supposed to be expensive ($700
  8. hey everyone, just wondering if anyone knows any good scar treatment clinics in Toronto. My derm told me there is nothing that can really be done, which still horrifies me, but I believe there is always some type of hope. I know any type of peeling, laser, or micro will not solve the problem and probably only make it worse (of course that is only for my type of ice pick scars). I am looking for more info on punch grafts/punch excision, possibly fillers. Anyone has any info/experiences on these t
  9. I'm sorry to hear that loneman, but would punch excision work for ice pick scars, or is that the same as dented scars. I was also wondering how different punch excision is from punch grafts, samething?
  10. yeah TOgirl I was wondering the same thing, but I'm guessing if any city in Canada offers these treatments it would be Toronto. I do remember reading a post in the forum several months ago there is an excellent derm/surgeon that performs punch excision for ice pick scars not too far outside Toronto. I cant remember which member of the forum added that post, but he said he was pleased witht the results. I'm sure there are a number of places to have it done here in Toronto though, punch excision o
  11. I was wondering how tca cross works on ice pick scars, what is it?
  12. hi everyone, I am new to the forum and am from Toronto (Canada). I have been reading posts for several months off and on, should have joined sooner. My acne problems began when I was in my early teens, but it was a type of acne that would stay under the skin, so it would show only as slightly visible white bumps and only around my cheeks ( can't remember the medical term). I was on several medications to help cure/extract it. The medications didnt take too long, but I was left with deep ice pick