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  1. wow u spend 250 dollars a week at school.. i usually spend under 70 bucks, get a lot of chicken, burgers, pasta, eggs, protein shakes, almonds,
  2. i been breaking out like crazy after stopping of 5 months on solodyn
  3. my skin isn't sensitive at all to differin lol i tried using differin in the mornings and nights but it didnt really do much differin is supposed to be used only once daily at night.
  4. im on my 10th week of differin .3...never got an initial breakout but from the 7th week to current i been breaking out like crazy..i hope it gets better soon.
  5. We are penn state....go lions!

  6. same here, never any on my forehead...but on both cheeks..
  7. i have the same problem, never any acne on forehead.
  8. Ok so my doctor has prescribed me clenia(sodium/sulfide stuff) to put on 2-3 times a day, and also doxcline 100mg hcf to take once a day, my question is, i also apply acv to my face in the morning and night as a toner, and also drink it 2-3 times a day, will this affect how the clenia and doxciline work?
  9. i have been on soldyn for the past 3 months, and has done nothing.
  10. ive been eating more junk types of food since im away at college with no mom, do u guys have a link of something decent price that i should get.
  11. Hey guys i have acne for the past 2 years, and never used a moisturizer, i use a 45spf everyday, is that enough for moisturizer? or should i get a moisturizer with spf built into it or something?? please someone help me out, i been breaking out a lot lately, and i just want it all to stop.
  12. do u guys think drinking apple cider vinegar will help??
  13. seriously what can i eat 4-5 times a day? everything i ever ate is supposedly suppose to break you out im a college student who doesnt have my mom making me food all the time...so what are some good foods??