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  1. im not trying to be religious here, but one thing i know is that: GOD creates us who believe in HIM, to live in victory to become WINNERS!, not losers.
  2. do they sell any st ives product in the uk? if they do, try to find st ives age defying alpha moisture lotion. the ingredients are: water, propylene glycol, safflower oil, glycerin, lactic acid, urea, cetearyl alcohol, mineral oil, malic acid, citric acid, salicylic acid, allantoin, soluble collagen, hydrolized elastin, apple extract, aloe barbadensis gel, tocopheryl acetate, betinyl palmitate, squalane, sunflower extract, matricaria extract, sambucus nigra extract, primula veris extract, dioc
  3. i suggest u to find another derm. yes u have the right to complain, but im afraid by complaining him it wont make your acne go away from u. dont waste time, safe your energy, and find another professional derm. good luck!
  4. i just woke up at this sunday morning, didnt know what to do.... wandering around... didnt have the 'mood' to go to church, looked at the mirror and felt sorry for my face... then i grabbed my mouse, started scrolling on this website, found this topic, read all the posts, and you know what? before i go to HIS house today, HE already touched my heart by all the posts u guys have written here.... i dunno... i think im goin to take a shower now. thanks guys. GOD bless
  5. gosh! sounds similar to what i used to do. check this out. http://acne.org/messageboard/viewtopic.php?t=1185
  6. dove cream facial foam. its gentle and its cheap. only costs me $3 US dollars in china.
  7. "come closer and say that again, pal..!"-------- garfield the cat said that well urscrewed, no matter where u go, u'll see 1 or 2 people with acne on their face. i 've lived in china for nearly 4 years now, although most chinese people dont have acne on their face, but occasionaly u'll see who does have acne on his/her face. and.... i dunno... for chinese, they believe acne caused by lack-of-adaptation of local water and soil, this maybe leads to bad minerals in water, and the second one is FOO
  8. hi Iwrkoffshr for body acne: 1. use DETTOL medicated soap/cream shower 2. eat zinc supplement 220mg one capsule a day(some people thought u shouldn't over by 100mg, but 220mg a day is fine with me) try this for couple of weeks, if u still dont see any results, then forget about all these crap that i've said...
  9. yea u right. i tried this 6 months ago, and it last for 2 months. then when i was shopping in a supermarket in beijing, i bought a chinese herbs bar soap, on the package it says to prevent acne, so i used it, after using for 4-5 days, got breakout again, maybe it was too harsh for my face. since then my face had never as good as it was. i tried to go to beauty saloon..., and they really made me MAD! some pimples on my forehead were contributed by them.... stupid popping method..... geez... anyw
  10. im sorry but whats clyndamicin phospate/ CP? some kind of acne treatment? or is it a moisturizer? if its an acne treatment, well u dont wanna use that along with retin-a. when u're goin to use retin-a u'd better use moisturizer, and a gentle face cleanser. check this website: http://www.skinsite.com/info_retin_a.htm someone on this message board told me bout that website and it helps me alot. it tells u how to use retin-a and explain to u how does it work. hope it helps
  11. try st.ives 100% oil&fragrance-free moisturizer, i hope this will help u a bit PS: im still using the dove cream facial foam..... sorry
  12. give it a try, it wont hurt ya, and it costs you nothin. but i dont recommend this for moderate-severe acne.
  13. i used to had moderate-severe acne for two years(1999-2001), which i dont really know why i could possibly got acne. but on 2001 summer holiday, i went back to my home country(indonesia), and my big sister took me to see a derm. the derm gave me some prescription medications which include facial cleanser, toner, and two kind of lotions. whether it was cleanser, toner nor the lotions had no specific explanation written on the bottles. the one thing i could remember now is only the toner, on the b